Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's So Wrong About That?...

People are constantly telling me with an exasperated *sigh* "Lala" you have such HIGH EXPECTATIONS"... um... not really...

Is EXPECTING my child/children to sit quietly in church during the 30-40 minutes the pastor is preaching too high of a expectation?

Is EXPECTING when I send out invitations that require an RSVP that the invited guest(s) RSVPs too high of a expectation?

Is EXPECTING someone to arrive ON TIME to a function (party/christening/brunch) too high of a expectation? (OK... in my HUSBAND'S family yes... that is why THEIR INVITATIONS are timed a HALF HOUR earlier than everyone elses)

Is EXPECTING a "Thank you" when you do something nice for someone too high of an expectation?

Is EXPECTING that when I ask a question (to a person that is SUPPOSE to be KNOWLEDGEABLE in the subject/field) I get an accurate answer too high of an expectation?

Is EXPECTING that when I am "bumped into" by someone that they say "Excuse me" too high of an expectation?

Is EXPECTING that "you" KNOW what the term "dressy casual" means too high of an expectation?

Um... Noooooo... Not in MY BOOK it's not... BUT... I DO know WHEN my expectations ARE TOO HIGH...

When I would expect that my Father-in-Law would NOT wear a BRIGHT ORANGE t-shirt that says "CLEVELAND SUCKS" on it in BIG BLACK LETTERS to the Christmas Eve Dinner table... (of course I would also expect him NOT to roast the Thanksgiving Turkey SHIRTLESS either... but that has happened too...)

When I would expect that my Sister-In-Law would thank me HERSELF for the little "pamper package" that I sent to her during her pregnancy... (Instead of having to hear how "She's never had anyone do something like that for her... so she doesn't know HOW to respond"... You're JOKING right?)

When I would expect that the employee at WENDY's taking my order UNDERSTOOD the language I was speaking to her in (that would be ENGLISH)... (and she didn't speak Spanish or German either... because I tried those... but I DID get my Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe thanks to the ENGLISH speaking guy manning the drink machine!)

When I would expect that the person in front of me at the traffic light was paying MORE attention to driving than the conversation they are having on their cellphone... (*BEEP BEEP* Doesn't get any GREENER honey)

Expectations are a funny thing... some people have VERY HIGH expectations for every occassion and event ( and are usually always disappointed in the end)... and some people have NO expectations of anything (and are rarely disappointed)... I have expectations... EXPECTATIONS of MYSELF (my family) and OTHERS... What's so wrong about that?


pastorsbride said...

I had an expectation today at the nice restaurant where I had lunch that a lady wouldn't let her toddlers RUN around the restaurant (one without shoes on), but I guess that was too much to expect.

Jacki McHale said...

No Lala, I don't think your expectations are to high. But now a days it seems that everyone is in it for themselves, no matter how incovient they make it for others.

I would expect that the mom with the sick kid would NOT sit in the quarentined healthy kids section. Way to much to ask.