Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Double Dose...

I'm SO EXCITED about the DOUBLE EVICTION tonight on BB8!!! IF Dick and Daniele are SMART they will vote out Jessica (who was MY early choice to win)... their odds at winning the next HOH would be better since Zach wouldn't be able to compete (being outgoing HOH) and Jameka can't compete (due to a previous POV competition)... leaving only ERIC to compete... and we ALL know he can't win ANYTHING (except that LAME phonecall from home that he gave to Jessica) And IMO Jessica so needs to go after she ALLOWED Eric to "run" her HOH the week before... I had to laugh when after the NOMINATION CEREMONY she accused Zach of being "gutless" for not nominating Dick or Daniele... UM... HELLO... YOU had the chance TOO!!!

I haven't been watching After Dark the past couple of days... I kinda don't like "knowing" what is going on ahead of time... but I WILL be watching tonight after the DOUBLE EVICTION!!!

This should be good!!!

2 hours until showtime!!!


Diann said...

I haven't watched it this season--I think I just missed it each time it came on and now I'm really behind. I was glued to it first season though!

Stacey said...

LOL, hey LaLa, glad you came over to concur with me!

Sadly, I don't get to listen to my radio or watch TV anymore since school started (I'm a homeschool mom). I do data entry at home, so I listen to XM Radio in the evenings, though, which is where I get most of my news other than the internet! I'm a big Hannity fan, though, so when I remember, I watch his Sunday night show now! Yeah! Have a blessed weekend--and I love how you named your blog btw. ~Stacey