Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorite "Foto" Friday...

This is one of my FAVORITE "fotos" of my son Nick... it was taken in 1995 at my Father's Retirement Ceremony from the Coast Guard (30 years)... Nick was 7 years old... We were living in Richmond VA. at the time and saw my parents frequently... Nick and my Dad have always been great "buddies" (Nick was the only grandchild for 14 years)... Nick loved wearing my Dad's hat because it had lots of "scrambled eggs" (oak leaf motifs embroidered in gold) on the brim... I remember on this day Nick was having a ball talking to all the "Army" guys (at this age ANY military person was an "Army Guy" to Nick)... Even though the years have passed and Nick has grown up he and my Father remain great friends!

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Stacey said...

Oh I can see why--what a handsome guy! That's such a good peek into your dad's and son's relationship, LaLa.

I hope your Friday and Saturday and Sunday is spectactular. (and of course all the days that follow!)