Friday, May 28, 2010

Catching Up...

WHEW! We are full sprint to the end of the school year! 2 Field Trips... EOY school carnival... teachers gifts/cards to prep for giving...

RECITAL is fast approaching... Lilley-Kate's last "Studio Lesson" is next Tuesday... formal portraits scheduled... then starts a week of "Stage Lessons"... Dress Rehearsal and finally RECITAL DAY!!!

"Shy Child" got a Summer Job at a neighborhood Convenience Store and has been coming home every evening with the most HILARIOUS stories...

Just when I thought GLEE couldn't get ANY BETTER... IT DID!!!

Our Annual Multi-Family Garage Sale is set for June 5th... My Dining Room has been taken over with all the "STUFF" for the sale

Michael INSISTED that the AC be turned on this past WEDNESDAY when the temp hit 88*...

Lilley-Kate is becoming quite the HULA HOOPER, JUMP ROPER, and BADMITTON PLAYER... now if we can just get her on her BIKE we'd be set!

The "Bird War" continues between Michael and the neighbor... it's a "friendly" war... but a war none the less!

We've been enjoying dinners out on the patio every evening...

Time has been flying by so fast... it's hard to believe the end of SECOND GRADE is here! Lilley-Kate is excited to see WHO her teacher will be (it's a toss up as our district does not (formally) allow "requesting") for THIRD GRADE... SHY CHILD will begin his SENIOR YEAR of COLLEGE (how did THAT come so fast?)... I've decided just to "hang on tight" and enjoy the ride as best as I can... THANKFULLY my calendar... and a cabinet front of sticky notes keeps everything is order!!!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Puttin' On The Ritz...

Lilley-Kate had CLASS PICTURES taken at dance this past week... this is the first year the CLASS PICTURES will appear in the RECITAL PROGRAM!

Every once in a (great) while... I surprise myself... and snap a HALF-DECENT picture! I've decided to use this one in the PROGRAM AD that we placed... (and THANK YOU to my BESTIE for pimping it up a bit for me!)

One month to go!

Just Stuff...

Last night was SENIOR PROM... Lilley-Kate LOVED seeing her FAVORITE SENIOR all dressed up!
I remember MY Senior Prom... and how disappointed I was to arrive and see TWO OTHER GIRLS wearing the SAME GUNNE SAX DRESS that I had on!
We'll be planting our annuals this weekend... although we still have 2 weeks of possible FROST to contend with... Last week the temp didn't get above 55* all week!
Michael has taken up a friendly "bird feeder war" with the neighbor... Michael is NOT "winning"
Recital is a MONTH AWAY... and Lilley-Kate and I are getting VERY EXCITED! (Gotta make her PORTRAIT APPT.)
I have started switching over to our "warm weather" favorites for meals...
Since my "shy child" arrived home for Summer Break our grocery bill has DOUBLED...
I need to price all my Garage Sale items...
Hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Layer ONE... Hemmed 3"


Layer FIVE... Hemmed 2"

Layer SIX... Shortened to length

Layer SEVEN... Shortened to length

Ready for PROM!!!