Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Happy Halloween...

We hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Lilley-Kate was a "Sparklie Witch" and had a wonderful day (the first year she has really wanted to "participate" in Halloween festivities). She had a fun day at school with a party and Costume Parade... this evening we had some friends join us for Pizza and then ToTing in our neighborhood... it's always makes things extra fun when you can share good times with good friends!
Now... WHAT to do with ALL the candy?!?!!!
Happy Halloween... and Happy 100th Post here at According to Lala!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday's "TIP"...

It's "TIP" day at According to Lala!
One of the ways that I "teach" Lilley-Kate things (letters, numbers, days of the week, months, ect.) is to display them all over the house... in preparation for kindergarten, this summer I posted the days of the week on one of our doors in the house... each morning she would get up and we would find the particular day and what we would be doing that day... it became a fun routine and a fun way for her to learn!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Change...

No... NOT "THE CHANGE"... the change in the weather!!! :o) We had our first frost of the season last night... and woke up this morning to 31* temperatures... it is quite chilly today although the sun is shining brightly...
I always "struggle" during the change of seasons (and the warm to cold change is the hardest)... I'm not sure why... I just feel like I am treading water as fast as I can to keep my head (chin) up... I feel "off balance" in some way... like things aren't quite right... but at the same time... not quite wrong either... OH... maybe it IS "THE Change"?!?!... Naw... I think I have a bit before that happens... I'll just continue to tread until these feelings pass or my arms get so tired they fall off!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Favorite "FOTO" Friday...

Today is Favorite "FOTO" Friday... I'm sure we all have "Spaghetti Face" fotos of our kids... thought I'd share one of MY favorite "Spaghetti Face" fotos of Lilley-Kate... I remember one of the reasons I liked this particular picture so much was that her hair had FINALLY gotten long enough to put TINY little "piggies" in her hair!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well... Tonight was SURVIVOR NIGHT... here's the show recap!

The show opens with the Zhan Hu Tribe... "PG" is banking on the original 2 members (Sherrea and Frosti) still being loyal to the tribe even though they are now Fei Long members... James realizes he is in peril and continues to work like a dog around camp doing just about everything... his explaination is he doesn't want to give them ANY excuse for "throwing" another challenge...

FEI LONG... Todd (the weasel) tells Amanda about the hidden immunity idol... his reasoning is because he has looked all over for it and feels he can't find it on his own... Amanda questions how he knows about it and he explains the whole "private message tube" to her... he then tells her that they have to win the next challenge so they can kidnap James (knowing that James will give the clue to him) and find out the final clue to the immunity idols location...

REWARD CHALLENGE... the tribes had to run through abandon buildings looking for puzzle boards... then assemble a puzzle revealing a phrase... it was a close finish... but FEI LONG won... not only the REWARD (which was a visit to a Chinese Tea House for some R&R and pampering (baths and showers) for the whole tribe) but the opportunity to kidnap a ZHAN HU tribe member... without hesitation they kidnap James... During the REWARD they all bathe and James showers (of course they had to blur out his bum)... Courtney was all "gaga" over James' bum... Todd tells James that he KNOWS what is in the message tube and to give it it him (Todd) and he will save James... James really has no choice and gives the clue to Todd... who in turn shares it with Amanda... they locate the HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL... but not without FROSTI's interference... Todd gives James the HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL as promised but tells James he MUST throw the next challenge... sending ZHAN HU to Tribal and use the HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL and get Jamie sent home... James agrees... the other FEI LONG members are told of the plan and all agree to win the next challenge...

ZHAN HU... "PG" and Jamie "panick" because at the reward challenge neither Sherrea or Frosti would acknowledge them... "PG" tried to talk to Sherrea during the challenge and told her that they threw the last challenge and asked if she (Sherrea) and Frosti were still "with us"... Sherrea didn't respond... with James being kidnapped "PG" becomes a bit paraniod and she and Jamie and Erik (who doesn't have an independent thought of his own) decide that they CANNOT throw the next IMMUNITY CHALLENGE...

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE... ***I KNEW an eating disgusting things was coming... it was about the right time for one*** Eating gross stuff... teams of 4 (FEI LONG had to sit out 3 people) had to compete one on one against each other... It was a close race again... James realizes quickly that they (ZHAN HU) are not going to throw it... Todd becomes nervous when he realizes Zhan Hu is not going to throw it... James and Denise pair against each other... they have to each a chicken fetus... James tries really hard NOT TO WIN... Deinse tries really hard TO WIN... but she just can't stomach the food... James is forced to win their round... Denise apologizes to James... it comes down to FROSTI and ERIK and some 1,000 year old egg... it's CLOSE... but Erik wins... sending FEI LONG to TRIBAL COUNCIL

Todd and Amanda "with" Courtney decide it will be Sherrea that goes... Courtney isn't 100% with that and tells Sherrea... Courtney then suggests "JR"... Todd and Amanda debate it... Todd reasoning that they (Todd and Amanda) have to "do" what others want also and not be "power players"...

TRIBAL COUNCIL... Sherrea and Courtney "attack" "JR" and Courtney kinda mocks him... Courtney reveals that she feels like an outsider in the "cliquey" tribe... Todd takes offense to that... SHERREA ends up leaving

Can't wait for next week!!! OH... and THE AMAZING RACE starts NOVEMBER 4th!!! YIPEE!!!

***Something I "noticed" about half way through the show... COURTNEY didn't look as "boney" as she had at the beginning of the show... or last week... I thought it was just me at first... but then my son came downstairs (he was watching on another TV) and said something... just thought it was something to mention***

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday's "TIP"

Today is "TIP DAY" at According to Lala!

I have this "thing" about sharing "wash/facecloths"... it shouldn't be done... so what I have done is gotten everyone in our family (of 4) their OWN wash/facecloths... in their favorite color... Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple... I bought the suction cup hangers (in the bathroom section at the store) and attached them in the bath/shower on the wall... that way noone ends up "sharing"... they just use their "color" wash/facecloth... this is a great way to avoid arguments if you have little ones that bathe together too!

I got this idea from a SUPER ORGANIZED friend of mine who is the Mother of 5 children and thought I'd share it with you!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Favorite "FOTO" Friday...

It's time to share a Favorite "Foto" here at According to Lala... This "foto" was take of Lilley-Kate 3 years ago... we typically spend Thanksgiving at my husband's brother's house... and since both my nephews are piano players we always get a little Thanksgiving "concert"... Well... Lilley-Kate has always loved anything musical... and this was a photo op I couldn't resist... I remember standing there for quite a while listening to her "play" the piano... I remember standing there listening and watching her play and wondering to myself what kind of person she would grow up to be... would she be kind... compassionate... friendly... giving... HAPPY?... I didn't know... but I DID know she would grow up with a love of music... which she has

Have a great weekend! :o)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So tonight was SURVIVOR... so for those fellow SURVIVOR fans that may have missed the show... here is the recap...

The show opens with the ZHAN HU tribe and FROSTI feeling sorry for himself (and the tribe) b/c the other tribe (FEI LONG) has JAMES and are well led by Aarron... "PG" tried to "rally" everyone by saying that everyone has to work equally in camp AND challenges...

ZHAN HU- JAMIE and "TAYLOR" (Erik) "flirt" with each other in the water and ERIK confesses to JAMIE that he is a virgin... JAMIE interprets his virginity as a sign of being "trustworthy" and so she tells him that there is a hidden immunity idol in camp and how the clues are gotten...

FEI LONG... JAMES "confesses" that he finds DENISE (the lunch lady) attractive (well... not HER specifically but women LIKE HER) and that is he was 10 years older (or DENISE 10 years younger) that Denise would have to watch out

There was no REWARD CHALLENGE this episode... what they did was a switcheroo and each tribe had to pick 2 tribe members they would want to "kidnap" into their tribes... although ZHAN HU didn't realize that they would LOSE 2 players to GET 2 players... so ZHAN HU chooses JAMES and AARRON (and get ALL excited thinking it will then be 7 on 5)... FEI LONG chooses FROSTI and SHEEREA... so the switch is made... JAMES seems indifferent to the whole thing and says he had no connection to anyone in the FEI LONG tribe (Hmmmmm... not even your "crush" on the lunchlady???)... the new switched members bring goodies to eat... James and Aarron join ZHAN HU and JAMES immediately tried to find out WHO is in charge and rally them to win the next challenge... SHEEREA and FROSTI join FEI LONG... and JR (Jean Robert) becomes nervous that HE may be next to go...

Aarron hangs out with his new tribe members (ZHAN HU) and strategizes by suggesting that JAMES be voted off... PG then plants a seed in JAMIES head to throw the next challenge so they can vote off Aarron (which PG thinks has more "allies" back at FEI LONG)...

IMMUNITY CHALLANGE- Tribe members have to team up... swim out and release puzzle discs by pulling bamboo sticks out... pretty cool challenge... then one person unloads the puzzle discs and then everyone can assemble the puzzle... JAMIE and PG THROW THE CHALLENGE for ZHAN HU!!! It was so blantant and James was getting really mad... so FEI LONG of course wins the IMMUNITY CHALLANGE

Back at the ZHAN HU camp James is fuming and wants answers... Aarron is mad too... so Erik goes to get the 411 and finds out PG and Jamie "threw" the challenge... he's not happy aobut it but decides to "trust" the girls anyway and vote the way they want... James says not to keep him around...

TRIBAL COUNCIL... Jeff questions the challenge and JAMIE ADMITS TO THROWING IT (THAT was DUMB)... Aarron says he's nto worried about going but packed his bags anyway... JAMES says he is expecting to go b/c he can't be in a tribe with people that don't "fight" to win... AARRON ends up going... which totally shocks him... and although he was glad JAMES stayed... he would've rather it been him (as he said in his desparture statement)

GREAT SHOW tonight... BAD STRATEGIZING... OH... the PANDA napping in the tree at the beginning was super cute!!!

Can't wait for next week!!!

Being Spiteful...

Dang that OPRAH... she's been having some good shows on lately... and although I am NOT a fan... I have been able to watch lately... isn't it funny how just ONE LITTLE SENTENCE can sometimes hit ya like a ton of bricks??? So today SUZE ORMAN was on... "counseling" people on how to get their financial lives in order... and she made the comment about being tired of people "blaming" their pasts/childhood/parents for the way they are now (this was in reference to a guest "blaming" her out of control spending on a Mother that was overbearing)... well... this little "thought" came to mind...

SOMETIMES we are not WHO we are BECAUSE of our childhoods... SOMETIMES we are WHO we are IN SPITE of our childhoods...

"Zip Your Lip"...

I was reminded as to WHY my Grammie may have been one of the wisest women I have ever known... and WHY she would tell me CONSTANTLY as a child to "Zip your lip Missy"... so... in memory of you Grammie I will take your advice and "Zip my Lip"...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's "TIP"...

Today is "Tip Day" at According to Lala... Here's one from the BAKER in the family (that would be my Husband)...

When you need to check for "doneness" in a cake, pie, bread, custard, brownies, ect. use a piece of UNCOOKED spaghetti! Much safer than a wooden toothpick...

Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Being A "Bee"... I LOVE the SEINFELDS!!!

I rarely get to watch TV in the afternoons... after picking up Lilley-Kate from school we pretty much have a "set" routine which doesn't include much TV time... BUT... I have been able to catch a bit recently and it has got me to thinking of a few things...

I watched OPRAH last week when JESSICA SEINFELD was on "pimping" her new book "DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS"... although I am NOT an OPRAH "fan" I did watch the whole show... and can I say... I LOVE JESSICA SEINFELD!!! She's cute... she's a Mom... and she seemed to be genuinely concerned with giving other Moms (who struggle with the "vegetable issue") a great tool (in her cookbook and recipes)... she came across as someone I would LOVE to just sit down with and chat it up... I DO have to give her credit... she ran with something (adding "hidden" ingredients to foods WITHOUT the "family's" knowledge) that LOTS of Moms have been doing for a LONG time (I mean I have been adding mashed bananas or shredded apples to my pancake mix since Nick was little)... I just LOVED the whole show and thought the set was decorated to match the theme very well... and of course you can NEVER have TOO MUCH PINK... :o) ... I DID wonder though if OPRAH was going to eat EVERY SINGLE thing Jessica talked about... and she pretty much did... I bought the cookbook and am EXCITEDLY awaiting it's arrival!!!

So TODAY... again I watched the entire episode of OPRAH... although I am still NOT a "fan"... and JERRY SEINFELD was on "pimping" his movie "BEE MOVIE"... and can I say... I LOVE JERRY SEINFELD too!!! He was his typical witty/hysterical self... talked sweetly about his wife... how he likes things "just so" in his life and home... and his movie also... he told a story of how the whole movie was "born" over a MUCH ANTICIPATED dinner with Mr. Speilberg... during the telling of that story... he made mention of wanting to be AT the resturant BEFORE Speilberg arrived as a sign of RESPECT... later in the show OPRAH asks him what "irritates/bothers" him in life... and in typical "Jerry Fashion" he talks about "technology ettiquette" and "road/driving ettiquette" and the "laziness" of society in general (all done very tounge and cheek... but striking a cord none the less)... and it made me LOVE HIM EVEN MORE... (although I DO think that he may have "stretched" the whole "Seinfeld" sitcom a couple years too long)... We will DEFINITELY be going to see the "BEE MOVIE"... it looks SUPER CUTE!!!

So... I got to thinking... about "BEEing"... and here are some things that I think would help "society" in general... because I agree that in some wierd way "we ALL" (as a society) have gotten away from "BEEing"...


I think as an exercise in "self-improvement" I am going to pick one "BEE" every week to concentrate on... and every day of each week I will do "something" towards that "BEE" (does that make sense??? LOL)... anyway... It probably won't be "easy"... but then I imagine "Being a BEE" isn't easy either!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Busy Bee"

Well... it's been a fairly "quiet" weekend 'round here... Lilley-Kate caught a "yucky germ" from school and was on the couch most of the weekend (she's feeling better but ended up with a bit of a sniffle)... I've been able to get some Sample Sets done to list on eBay... Nick was away visiting friends at another college in the area... My husband had schoolwork to get done (he will receive a double major in March) in between tending to Lilley-Kate and watching football... the weather has been cooler... our heat "kicked" on twice last night... overall a relaxing weekend... here's a bit of what I've done this weekend... still need to add bows and take auction photos for listing on Wednesday... but wanted to share... in a bit we will settle in for the evening and watch FOODNETWORK The Next IronChef competition... I'm thinking of having my husband build our first fire of the season in the fireplace... but we'll see... :o)

Friday, October 12, 2007


This is one of my favorite "fotos"... It was taken on March 2, 2002... I had just came home from the hospital after having Lilley-Kate and Nick had just won 2nd Place in a bowling tournament... our first "family picture" as a family of 4... after the prior couple of days we had had... we were all happy but very tired!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So tonight was SURVIVOR night in our household!!! Here's the recap for you SURVIVOR fans out there that may have missed the show tonight!!!

The show opens with the FEI LONG tribe... Courteny is whining about how "JR" (Jean Robert) is always yelling at her and she doesn't like it when people raise their voices at her... She makes the ironic statement that "Jean Robert" "sucks" and he should go... like I said... IRONIC... I am wondering WHEN COURTNEY'S weight (or lack of weight) is going to become an issue... she is a BAG OF BONES!!!

I still LOVE the opening shots for the intro... and those PANDAS frolicking tonight were FABULOUS!!!

ZHAN HU... Poor ZH... they just CANNOT seem to get their act together... most of their rice became moldy (YUCK) and SHEREA and DAVE had a good old shout fest at each other over picking out the good pieces (Um... YUCK AGAIN)... then SHEREA was going to throw away some of the shels that DAVE was saving to take home to "Mommy" and they got all pissy with each other... SHEREA laid around camp and did NOTHING which was making the target on her back grow bigger the longer she "preserved herself for challenges"... Dave started early in the show campaigning against SHEREA (after their fight)...

REWARD CHALLENGE... This was a good one... they had to race with these "chopsticks" carrying a fireball and set off fireworks... first team to set off three fireworks won... the REWARD was a fishing "lesson" and visit from a family... GUESS WHO WON??? Yep... FEI LONG... of course... they sat COURTNEY out of the challenge... they were able to "kidnap" again from the other team and picked DAVE... Jeff gave Dave the "private" clue tube and reminded him to read it in PRIVATE...

FIE LONG... So back at camp Dave acted like a total nutjob hugging everyone and running his mouth about a bunch of nothing... James had to "warn" him about the hugging thing... Courtney said he was a "FREAK"... Dave reveals he is on a "spy mission" (for himself) and looking to make a "tribe to tribe" alliance with someone... The fisherman and his family arrive... OMG... "JR" speaks Mandarin Chinese!!! Who would've thought!!! James is impressed but irritated b/c "JR" is barking out orders (translatingfrom the fisherman) and warns "JR" not to be so bossy... Denise (the LUNCHLADY) gave away a "trade secret"... she said all she does is put FROZEN CHICKEN NUGGETS in the oven (FINALLY someone on the "inside" ADMITS WHERE THE LUCHES COME FROM... the FREEZER!!!) and that the food the fisherman's family cooked was "delisable"... had to laugh at that one!!! Dave read the Clue Tube like some caveman in the woods and decides to give it to TODD (the WEASLE)... WHAT is it about TODD that everyone (but JR) seems to be keen on??? Anyway... gives the clue to TODD (who is now the ONLY PERSON to have ALL THREE CLUES...

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE... another FABULOUS challenge... having to throw those "slingy things" and knock over vases... POOR COURTNEY... I thought she was going to collapse with that armor on... LOL... anyway... it was back and forth... SHEREA knocked down TWO vases with one throw but it wasn't enough... FEI LONG won (again)

ZHAN HU heads to TRIBAL COUNCIL... LOTS of eye rolling... Dave again states that he is a "reluctant leader" but was forced into the position... SHEREA can't keep her mouth shut and gets testy with PG... DAVE ends up going... His departure speech was another self-stroking ego trip in which he states that he hopes they realize that his qualities are priceless...

*** Just a note... there is a DJ in our area that every Thursday morning will do a "SURVIVOR" prediction... well... he is 5 for 5... he has guessed EVERY SURVIVOR right to leave so far... my husband thinks that he is getting some "inside" info somehow***

Can't wait for next Thursday!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'm a bit irritated today... so... For those of you who MAY not know or realize this...

The BIG RED SIGN you see when you are driving??? The one that MAY be at the end of your street... OR at the intersection in town... or MAYBE in a place that you would least expect it... you KNOW the one... it's BIG... RED... usually on a pole (usually)... and has the WHITE LETTERS... S... T... O... P emblazoned acrossed it... It's a TRAFFIC SIGN... MORE SPECIFICALLY a STOP SIGN... It means STOP... and STOP means that ALL FOUR TIRES on your car are NOT MOVING/ROLLING FORWARD... so the "California Stop" doesn't "count" as STOPPING... and approaching an interesection and doing the "quick glance" to make sure no cars are coming (or there isn't a hidden little "copper" around) as you BLOW THROUGH the sign doesn't "count" either... I really can't believe anyone doesn't KNOW WHAT THAT SIGN MEANS... So let's review... BIG READ SIGN with WHITE LETTERS... means STOP!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday's "TIP"...

Tuesday's are "TIP DAY" at According to Lala... so here ya go!!!

I always "play(ed) pretend" with Lilley-Kate (and Nick when he was little)... Lilley-Kate seems to be my "cautious child" and doesn't really "warm up" to unfamiliar events/situations... so we "Play pretend" when an upcoming event is approaching... for example:

First Dentist Visit (which occured this past Summer... She inherited her Mommy's teeth)... About a month before the visit I got a Story book about visiting the dentist... we would read the book and then we would "play dentist"... I would have her lay back on the couch and open her mouth... I got one of my old surgical masks and put it on (I was the "dentist")... I got a napkin and layed it on her chest... then I would "go through" the whole dental thing... looking at teeth... counting teeth... opening wide... sticking out her tounge... Well... when we actually went to visit the dentist... Lilley-Kate was "comfortable" with everything... so it was a PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!

Another example:

We were invited to attend a semi-formal anniversary brunch... so in anticipation of Lilley Kate attending her first "semi-formal" event we would "play Pretend"... We would play "dress up" and have a tea party... I would teach her to sit up straight in her seat (and also taught her dollies)... we practiced saying "Please" and "Thank You"... and "Nice to meet you"... we even practiced dancing (basic boxstep)... so when we attended the Brunch... Lilley-Kate had a basic understanding of "what" would be happening... She was comfortable in the enviornment and it was a PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!

So my "tip"... "Play Pretend" in anticipation of upcoming events... it'll be a fun way to "teach" your children and spend time together!!!

CrAzY 8s...

Well... CAT was tagged for a little "meme"... and tagged STACEY... but STACEY didn't tag anyone specifically... so I tagged myself (pathetic I know)... I told Stacey to come visit me last night for my Crazy 8s... and she did... but I hadn't put my Crazy 8s up yet (no... not lazy... just busy)... ANYWAY... Here are my CRAZY 8s...

CrAzY 8s
8 Things I'm PASSIONATE About...
1. My Children
2. My Husband
3. Well mannered/behaved Children
4. Reading
5. Doing the RIGHT thing
6. Parenting
7. Music
8. Sweet Mesquite Barbeque Pringles

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...
1. Spend a Summer on the coast of Maine
2. Feel comfortable in my own skin
3. Take a cross country trip with my husband and the kids
4. Let the people that mean the most to me KNOW how much I value them
5. Live with the knowledge that I WAS strong enough to break the cycle
6. Visit Europe again
7. Renew our wedding vows
8. Hear "You are a Good Mother/Parent" from my Mother

8 Things I Often Say...
1. Are You Kidding Me?
2. What are you 12?
3. Choppy Chop
4. I Love You
5. Thank You
6. Whatever
7. Fabulous
8. Oh... THAT is attractive

8 Books I've Recently Read...
1. Magic Matt and the Cat (Scholastic Reader Level 1)
2. Eat Love Pray (Elizabeth Gilbert)
3. Night Gardening (Anita Shreve)
4. The Crush (Sandra Brown)
5. Ricochet (Sandra Brown)
6. All He Ever Wanted (Anita Shreve)
7. Reunion (Nora Roberts)
8. Little House Series (I read these every Summer)

8 Songs I Could Listen to OVER and OVER...
1. Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)
2. Lady Marmalade
3. Dreamweaver (Gary Wright)
4. I Only Have Eyes For You (The Flamingos)
5. Beautiful In My Eyes (Joshua Kadison)
6. Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)
7. Amazing Grace (My Father's Favorite Song)
8. God Bless America

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends
1. Their sense of humors
2. Their loyalty
3. Their honesty
4. Their Kindness
5. Their ability to remind me what is TRULY IMPORTANT
6. Their willingness to love me even with MY flaws
7. Their willingness to let me make the plans (it's that whole "control issue" with me)
8. Their willingness to have ME as THEIR friend

8 Things I've Learned This Past Year...
1. That not everything is BLACK or WHITE (there is "gray matter" to be seen)
2. That as much as I may want someone to be different... they are who they are
3. Everyone has at least ONE good quality to be found
4. Sometimes the "ties that bind" can also end up choking you
5. "It" always gets better
6. I'll never hear "You are a good Parent"
7. To count to TEN and take a deep breath before speaking in anger

8 People I think Should Do Crazy 8s... OK... so I'm going to take my "que" from Stacey... I don't really know 8 other bloggers well enough to "tag" them... so I'll extend an open invitation to participate if ya want!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A GOOD REPORT... See You in 2017!!!

OK... so I went to the dentist this past week (on Tuesday)... I'm kinda ashamed to admit (but not too ashamed since I'm going to admit) that it had probably been 10 years (and that is a conservative guess) since I had visited the dentist... I'm not sure WHY... guess just because I brush my teeth fanatically... haven't had a toothache... so what reason was there to go??? But I went... and got a GOOD REPORT... no cavities... and when the hygenist went to do that "scraping thing" she said... "Oh good... I see that you floss"... I do??? Um... NOPE... not a flosser... (the floss always seems to get stuck in between my teeth and then shreds when I try to pull it out)... but I just kinda sat there quietly and nodded my head... LOL... (yea... I'm SO NOT going to admit to her that I'm not a flosser!!!)... so then the DENTIST comes in and gives my teeth the "once over"..."BLAH BLAH BLAH" is basically what I heard him say... and I kinda nodded my head (he was telling me that I shouldn't wait so long in between appts.)... THEN back to the hygenist for a "polish"... THIS is what happened...

So she starts to polish my teeth... there I sit with my mouth WIDE OPEN and her gloved fingers in my mouth... AND SHE IS ASKING ME QUESTIONS... UM... HEEEEEELLLLLOOOO... How in the HELL am I suppose to answer you??? So... after about the 5th question I kinda *wave* my hand and she removes her fingers and instruments and says "Oh... do you need to SPIT?"... to which I reply... "I don't mean to be a BITCH... but can you NOT talk to me because I can't answer you with your fingers in my mouth" (NOW... keep in mind that my "AUNT FLO" was due any minute... so I had very little patience for ANYONE'S YAPPING let alone HER YAPPING)... You should've seen the look on her face... it was like a LIGHT CAME ON... she says "Oh... I never thought of that... I wonder if other people think that when I am talking to them?" (yea honey... I can pretty much guarentee they do)... "Oh... no... I'm sure they don't... but I just feel bad that I can't answer your questions" (I can be a pretty good liar when I "NEED" to be)... so she finished up the "polish" in SERENE SILENCE (thank goodness!!!)

So I go to "check out" at the desk after I'm done... and the office manager says to me... "Mrs. Lala... would you like to make your 6th month appt. now?"... to which I reply... "Oh... no thanks... I'll just see you in 10 years"...

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Little Word of Advice...

From my Husband...

Don't PASS GAS when you are in an elevator... ESPECIALLY if you have to ride 20 floors before getting out...

HE thought that was VERY APPROPRIATE advice to share at the dinner table tonight!!!...

I wasn't as KEEN on his timing though

"Favorite "FOTO" Friday"...

Today is "Favorite "Foto" Friday at According to Lala... SHARON gave us a Halloween Flashback... thought I would share a Halloween memory too!!!

This is my son Nick when he was 12 (his last year of ToTing)... He wanted something fun and his favorite thing (food) at the time was Pepperoni Pizza... so we made him a slice of Pepperoni Pizza as a costume... He entered 2 Halloween contests but didn't win anything... but he still told me this was his favorite costume ever!


So last night was SURVIVOR night!!! So for those SURVIVOR FANS out there... here's a RECAP of last nights episode...

The show opened with Fei Long... and JR (John Robert) snoring like a buzzsaw... climbing up on all the chickies in the tribe (which totally was freaking them out)... JR seems to "favor" Courtney and Leslie to "keep him warm"... Leslie is "creeped out" over the fact that JR wears SILK SHIRTS and NO UNDERWEAR (I found that quite interesting actually... that it creeped her out) ... James and Amanda went to check the "crab trap" and caught one crab... back at camp James wanted to make "stock" with the crab... Courtney agreed so they could flavor the rice... Aarron wasn't for it... but James let Aarron know that he caught the crab... he wanted crab stock... and he was making crab stock whether Aarron liked it or not!... (James also let US know that he had went to Barnes and Noble before shooting started and read survival books...)...

REWARD CHALLENGE- Fei Long sat out Courtney and Todd (to even up the tribes)... It was basically hand to hand combat in which each team of three had to knock the other team of three off the docks... Guys on Guys and Girls on Girls... Dave decides to "get Naked"... don't know if that was a strategy move or he just likes to go "al natural"... but it was CREEPY... the WOMEN were vicious with each other... FEI LONG won (their first challenge win)... they "kidnapped" LESLIE from Zhan Hu (I thought it was strange how she was almost giddy over leaving her tribe) Reward was comfort items... pillows, blankets, and a TARP.. Leslie got a "secret message" tube from Jeff and was given instruvtions to open it IN PRIVATE

Back at the ZHAN HU camp they welcome Leslie... she is relieved to be among other "Christians" and reveals that she feels "out of place" in her own tribe... Man oh Man... Zhan Hu played her like a cheap violin... they put on a good act... and got her to talk until I thought she was going to puke... she was SO HAPPY to feel like she belonged... Dave behaved himself and told Leslie he would keep his clothes on for her... she thanked him profusly and gave him a big ol hug... Leslie read the message in the clue tube and decides to give the clue (which includes the clue Leslie as given) to Jamie... as a "thank you/pay back")... of course Jamie is totally stumped as to what the clues mean (as to the location of the immunity idol)

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE- This was pretty cool... the tribes had to chop through wood and release puzzle pieces... the puzzle pieces were then placed on a tower (having to go in a certian order to complete the puzzle)... I honestly think Courtney was trying to throw the challenge... I mean for pete's sake... she wasn't even TRYING... so FEI LONG gets WAY ahead... Courtney finally gets her puzzle pieces... Aarron, James, and Amanda make up the time and the teams are pretty dead even... there is a bit of a "conflict" with Todd and JR doing their puzzle and ZHAN HU wins IMMUNITY

Courtney and Todd "overhear" James and JR talking strategy... I KNEW JR ws a PIG before... but NOW I am sure... he was pretty CRUDE in what he said... I was surprised with James... although I think he got it COMPLETELY RIGHT about LESLIE... Todd starts working the JR angle with the other tribe members... but Aarron is not going for it and wants Leslie out...

TRIBAL COUNCIL- Courtney makes it very clear that she is singled out and always sat out of challenges because she is the "weakest" and doesn't think it is fair... JR feels he may be a target for some of the things he says and his lack of participation in camp... Leslie gives the little speech on how she admires the OTHER TRIBE because they have "heart"... and that is what her tribe is lacking... LESLIE ends up going... Her departing speech was again as baffling as her... she contributed her leaving to God wanting her home... although she didn't understand why...

Can't wait until next week!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Awaiting a "Visitor"...

UGH... well... My "Aunt Flo" is scheduled to arrive ANYTIME... and can I TELL YOU I can't wait... I have such a headache that I feel like my head is going to BLOW OFF... I've eaten a whole "tube" of Barbecue PRINGLES (they are the reduced fat... but still... I ATE THE WHOLE TUBE!!!)... I feel like the character "EGGERT" off MIB... last night I SERIOUSLY thought about putting a pillow over my husbands face because his BREATHING was so "LOUD"... and I told him last night IF he kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye I would punch him a GOOD ONE... I have a rumblie tumblie tummy... I've had 2 "man days" in a ROW... I've taken MORE TYLENOL than any responsible adult should admit to taking... and have asked EVERYONE to stay at arms length (it's that "personal space" thing)... and I am TIRED... I don't mind the visit from "Aunt Flo"... usually within a HALF-HOUR of her arrival all is right again in my world... The headache that has been building the past four days dissappears... Although like any "company" I get a bit irritated with her visit after about the 3rd day (but she's usually on her way to her next destination in 5-7 days)... we have a love/hate relationship Aunt "Flo" and I... but hey... probably once I get too old for her to visit anymore I will really end up missing her in some weird way... UGH... I am SO FTS!!!! I just wish "Aunt Flo" would stop dillying and get here quick!!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Toying With A Decision...

OK... since the "announcement" the other night that Lilley-Kate made at the dinner table I have been TOYING (and mind you just kinda IMAGINING) with the idea of "going natural"... although I have been coloring my hair for WELL OVER 20 years... it's kinda getting a bit tiring... then TODAY I read THIS on the computer... Hmmmmm... is it a SIGN??? I've read and REREAD the article... UGH... I think I'll TOY AROUND with it a bit longer... maybe another 5 years?... but I am definitely going to read her book!

TAG... I'm "IT"...

STACEY has "tagged" me for "5 Things You Don't Know About Me"... since I'm kinda "new" to this whole "tagging" thing it shouldn't be TOO HARD right???... Let's see...

1. I'm am ambidextris... naturally a "southpaw"... I was raised by right-handed parents who thought it was easier (and it was "back in the day") to just have me learn everything right handed... so I do EVERYTHING RIGHT-HANDED but WRITE

2. I don't easily forgive

3. I'm taller than my FIL (who is 5'1") AND my youngest BIL (who is 5'3" and NO he's not 10 years old... he's 37)

4. I'm not as "thick-skinned" as people think I am

5. My favorite football team is whichever one has the "PRETTIEST" uniform

WHEW... that was harder than I thought it would be... anyway... THANKS Stacey!!! I don't know THAT many other "bloggers" yet... so I'm not quite comfortable tagging anyone else... but I appreciate you choosing me to participate!!!

Support AND Oppose...

There is a "big" homework debate going on around here... well... in the "township" that borders the city that I live in... I have friends whos children go to a particular "township" school that is having the debate and my friends have kinda been "asking" my opinion on homework... I think I have made some of them a bit disappointed in my responses to their questions/statements... I thought I would share SOME of the questions I have been asked...

Do you think it is unfair to give children homework? NO... Not if the homework given is used as a "tool" by the teacher to reinforce the days lessons... I think it is a good way for the teacher to gauge how well students are understanding the lesson(s) that have been taught during the day... Yes.. if the homework is given because the teacher did not have the time during the day to teach the lesson and gives the child(ren) the lesson (that SHOULD'VE been taught DURING SCHOOL) and expects them to "teach themsleves"

Do you think they should be given EXTRA CREDIT if they DO the homework? Absolutely NOT... homework should be given a "grade" (check if it is done... check minus if it is not)... but not an EXTRA CREDIT GRADE...

Do you think they should be given the chance to get the homework done IN SCHOOL? No... HOMEwork should be done at HOME... if HOMEwork IS allowed to be done during class than it should be called "CLASSWORK"...

Like I said... I think I have kinda "disappointed" a few of my friends by my answers... but then again I have been "reminded" by some of the friends that "I" don't attend that particular school... and I POLITELY tell them they are absolutely right... BUT... THEY don't attend the school either... THEIR CHILDREN DO... and I ask them... are you TRULY "upset" because your child is bringing home HOMEWORK... or are you upset because YOU are the one that ends up DOING IT?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday's "TIP"...

Today is "Tip Day" here at According to Lala...

Sometimes kids (and adults) have trouble remembering RIGHT and LEFT... here's an easy way to help remember quickly... and it's a great way to teach little one's... put your hands out in front of you (palms facing away)... stick out "your" thumb on each hand... See which hand makes the "L"??? THAT is the LEFT hand... so the other one is the RIGHT...

I have taught both my children RIGHT and LEFT using this technique... try it with your little one(s)!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

An "OCs" Dream Come True...

OK... I think I may have died and gone to "OC HEAVEN" yesterday... we spent the afternoon at the most WONDERFUL PUMPKIN PATCH EVER... When we pulled in and I saw all those pretty pumpkins NEATLY LINED UP IN ROWS (straight rows BTW)... I thought I would cry... it doesn't take MUCH to make me HAPPY... but THIS certainly did!!!