Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To School!!!

Today was the first day of school here... SECOND GRADE (how the heck did THAT happen so fast???)... Lilley-Kate was SO EXCITED to be going back to school... I think mostly because her classroom is located on the second floor... LOL... she was EXCITED and "rarin'" to go this morning... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh... UNIFORMS... LOVE THEM!!!

"Daddy" surprised her and met us at school this morning so he could walk her "only to the FRONT DOOR" (because according to Lilley-Kate "the big kid parents don't walk to the classrooms"... um... WHEN did you become a "big kid"???)...

Every year since Lilley-Kate started school we "surprise" her at pick-up with flowers and a balloon... I was glad that our local florist had a couple of "back to school" balloons this year!!! (Could it be possible the florist was tired of my griping about their BTS selection of balloons... or LACK of selection???)

Have a WONDERFUL year in SECOND GRADE Lilley-Kate!!! :o)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy Peasy...

We kinda did a "redecorating" of Lilley-Kate's room this Summer... Changed the WALL COLOR... from my FAVORITE Martha Stewart BUTTERCREAM to a FUN ART DECO PINK... went from a Cherry "theme"... to CANDY/Cabana STRIPE... (it was suppose to be SHABBY CHIC... but when Lk saw the stripes on a visit to "our" WALLIES I relented and changed direction)... I bought a few extra body pillowcases to do some "extras" with... ONE of them was a MEMORY BOARD for her room... She LOVES to have pictures in her room... so I thought this would be a FUN project...

I must say... seeing all the BEAUTIFUL Memory boards out in "blogland" that had been made was a bit intimidating... but I read (and reread... and REREAD again) a couple of tutorials and decided to plunge right in... and can I just say... "WHAT THE HECK WAS I AFRAID OF???!!!"... Not only was it SUPER EASY (thanks to some really good tutorials)... but I was able to "modify" my design (ok... I didn't have enough ribbon to do the criss crossy thing... so I used BIAS TAPE)... I have to admit... I LOVE THE RESULTS!!! I will DEFINITELY be making some more of these!!!
Most importantly... Lilley-Kate was THRILLED with it!!! :o)
Just a little "sidenote"... if you want to "know how" to make something ... just do a SEARCH for it... there are LOTS of GREAT TUTORIALS out there in blogland/on the web... I'll DEFINITELY be trying other things now!!!

5 On Friday...

WOW... it's FRIDAY already!!!

1. I've struggled this Summer... I'm HOPING Fall will be better

2. I'm EXCITED about the FALL TV line up... THANK GOODNESS for DVRs!!!

3. It never ceases to AMAZE me the TALENT that some people are "gifted" with... I wonder a lot... is it NATURAL talent... or something that was LEARNED??? Check out THIS girl and her TALENT.... AMAZING!

4. Lilley-Kate is VERY EXCITED about school starting on MONDAY... I'm excited for her... we worked over the Summer (daily "learning pages") and can now tell time on an ANALOG clock and she's got a good understanding of money...


Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We're winding down the weekend... starting the last week of Summer vacation... Last night I made ENCHILADAS for dinner (my sister's recipe) and they were YUMMY!!! Definitely will be making them again and putting my own "twist" on them!

Tonight is one of my FAVORITE TV nights!!!

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd


Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

FIVE... 5... CINCO... on FRIDAY...

Hi Everyone!!! It's THAT time... the "end of the week" (or do YOU consider SUNDAY the last day of the week???)... either way it's time for 5 on Friday!!!

1. Michael and Lilley-Kate went to the COUNTY FAIR this week... they had a GREAT TIME ("fairs" aren't MY cup o tea... so I stayed home and watched the TOP CHEF MASTERS marathon with our "shy child")... This is the second year Michael and Lilley-Kate have gone to the fair... and Lk was VERY EXCITED this year... she was tall enough to ride the SCRAMBLER!

2. We've had some FABULOUS thunder and lightning lately... and POURING rain... then 15 minutes later it's SUNNY... weird... of course this whole Summer has been weird weather wise!

3. I get REALLY SAD when I ride by a couple of the car dealers around town... the one's participating in the CASH FOR CLUNKERS scam (I mean PROGRAM)... one not far from us has a 2006 JEEP COMMANDER spraypainted ALL OVER and the front windshield smashed... I have to wonder... was that car REALLY a CLUNKER???

4. I think THIS SEASON of BIG BROTHER (11) has been the BEST YET!!! And the BIGGEST LOSER starts on September 15th!!!

5. Hard to belive next week is our "last week" of Summer vacation! School starts here the 31st... thinking of planning a couple of "fun" things to do... we'll see!
Have a nice weekend EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tids and Bits on Tuesday...

Just a few random thoughts for today...

Watched the season premiere of MADMEN last night (ended up having to DVR it on Sunday)... let me just say FAAAAAAAAABULOUS!
Our $5 Bill "fast" is doing GREAT... I haven't "counted" the bills yet... but the can continues to fill... I couldn't remember EXACTLY what day we started it... so I'm going with August 1st
I would LOVE to go see "Julie and Julia"... I've heard WONDERFUL things about it... but with the going matinee price at $8... I'm thinking I'll wait until it comes out on DVD
I WISH I could be as MOTIVATED and TALENTED as one of my DEAR FRIENDS... she NEVER ceases to AMAZE me!
It has been oppressivley HOT and HUMID here... FINALLY... SUMMER... but not for long I'm sure!
I only SOLD 3 auctions this cycle... not GREAT... but I'll take it
We registered for DANCE... starting in September... Lilley-Kate only chose TAP this year... I was a BIT SAD... but she'll enjoy the class (and promised to return to BALLET next year)
LOTS to do to get our "shy child" ready to return to college in a couple weeks... thankfully he was too "lazy" to unpack most of his stuff when he came home at the beginning of the Summer... LOL
Michael is planning to take Lilley-Kate to the county fair tomorrow... we're forecasted for storms the next few days... so HOPEFULLY they will get to go!
Have ironing to do... want to (RE)organize my "catch-all" room... finish up some SEWING...

Monday, August 17, 2009

All In The Family...

One of the things that Michael "passed on" to the kids is a LOVE of GOLF... which even after 20+ years of marriage I still don't "get"... anyway...

It has become an evening "ritual" this Summer that they have chipping and putting practice in the back yard... Michael sets up a little kiddie pool (it use to be ABBIE'S pool) out in the yard and they practice chipping the balls into the pool... Michael and our "shy child" hit it more times than not... Lilley-Kate has hit it 4 times this Summer (and done the "Tiger arm pump" each time)...

Soon the nightly ritual will end... as school and activities take up the evening hours... but it sure has been nice to be a spectator of growing relationships in the back yard...

Friday, August 14, 2009

5 On Friday...

My Friend JENN recently started a little diddy she calls "10 on Tuesday"... I thought it was a fun idea so I decided to start "5 on Friday" (I decided trying to come up with 10 interesting things all in one fell swoop would leave me sitting here all day... LOL...) So here we go.... the first FIVE ON FRIDAY...



3. I am old enough to remember life without 24 HOUR NEWS CHANNELS, MTV, VH1, BET, FOOD NETWORK, NICKELODEON, LIFETIME and CABLE TV!

4. I am old enough to remember life with AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS, SATURDAY MORNING (only) CARTOONS, THE WALTONS, HAPPY DAYS, DALLAS and WILD KINGDOM! (and I don't even walk with assistance yet!)


Like I said... I'm not THAT OLD... but sometimes I sure feel THAT OLD!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For the LOVE of "MAXI"...

This is an actual letter from an Austin woman sent to American company Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine Products. She really gets rolling after the first paragraph. It's PC Magazine's 2007 editors' choice for best web-mail-award-winning letter.

Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your 'Always' maxi pads for over 20 years and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the Leak-Guard Core or Dri-Weave Absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or Salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants.

Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my time of the month is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now, my body will adjust and I'll be transformed into what my husband likes to call 'an inbred hillbilly with knife skills.' Isn't the human body amazing?

As Brand Manager in the Feminine-Hygiene Division, you've no doubt seen quite a bit of research on what exactly happens during your customer's monthly visits from 'Aunt Flo'. Therefore, you must know about the bloating, puffiness, and cramping we endure, and about our intense mood swings, crying jags, and out-of-control behavior. You surely realize it's a tough time for most women.

The point is, sir, you of all people must realize that America is just crawling with homicidal maniacs in Capri pants... Which brings me to the reason for my letter. Last month, while in the throes of cramping so painful I wanted to reach inside my body and yank out my uterus, I opened an Always maxi-pad, and there, printed on the adhesive backing, Were these words: 'Have a Happy Period.'

Are you kidding me? What I mean is, does any part of your tiny middle-manager brain really think happiness - actual smiling, laughing happiness, is possible during a menstrual period? Did anything mentioned above sound the least bit pleasurable? Well, did it, James? FYI, unless you're some kind of sick S&M freak, there will never be anything 'happy' about a day in which you have to jack yourself up on Motrin and Kahlua and lock yourself in your house just so you don't march down to the local Walgreen's armed with a hunting rifle and a sketchy plan to end your life in a blaze of glory.

For the love of God, pull your head out, man! If you have to slap a moronic message on a maxi pad, wouldn't it make more sense to say something that's actually pertinent, like 'Put down the Hammer' or 'Vehicular Manslaughter is Wrong',

Sir, please inform your Accounting Department that, effective immediately, there will be an $8 drop in monthly profits, for I have chosen to take my maxi-pad business elsewhere. And though I will certainly miss your Flex-Wings, I will not for one minute miss your brand of condescending Bullshit. And that's a promise I will keep. Always. . ..

Best, Wendi Aarons
Austin , TX

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Musings...

Summer is winding down... the kiddies are starting back to school... our area returns back to classes on the 31st... Nick will leave next week to head back to college... it's been a VERY QUIET summer here... After spending 2 FABULOUS weeks visiting friends I found it really hard to "return to normal"... get back "in the groove"... find my "mojo"... but it's SLOWLY returning... SLOOOOOOWLY... LOL

We still don't know much about Michael's job situation... the fiscal year ends October 1st... so we'll know more then (my stomach still has that dreaded ACHE... but I'm trying REALLY HARD to stay POSITIVE)...

We've stopped spending $5 Bills... I had read an article (I THINK it was online) about a woman who saved $5 bills... every time she got one... she would put it in a jar... she saved over $2,300 in a year just not spending $5 bills... sounded easy enough... so that is what we are doing... so far we have $45 saved!

I'm going to start back listing on eBay this week... I'm probably a bit behind on the BTS listings... but I figure any little bit I can make will be a help in the longrun...

Our weather hasbeen really wierd this Summer... the flowers haven't done nearly as well as they have in past years... and we have noticed a lack of BEES and BUTTERFLIES in our area this Season... I'm thinking that is directly related to "ho hum" flowers...

I'm excited about the FALL TV LINE-UP!!!

I'm enjoying my "bleated" birthday present very much!!! Funny how a .50 cent box of Mac and Cheese tastes SO MUCH BETTER cooked in ALL CLAD... LOL

I've been reading some really great blogs this Summer... which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Happy Monday everyone!
My Monday got a PICK ME UP from a VERY DEAR FRIEND who rang me up... it was WONDERFUL to touch base and catch up! THANK YOU friend for brightening my day!!! :o)