Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To School!!!

Today was the first day of school here... SECOND GRADE (how the heck did THAT happen so fast???)... Lilley-Kate was SO EXCITED to be going back to school... I think mostly because her classroom is located on the second floor... LOL... she was EXCITED and "rarin'" to go this morning... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh... UNIFORMS... LOVE THEM!!!

"Daddy" surprised her and met us at school this morning so he could walk her "only to the FRONT DOOR" (because according to Lilley-Kate "the big kid parents don't walk to the classrooms"... um... WHEN did you become a "big kid"???)...

Every year since Lilley-Kate started school we "surprise" her at pick-up with flowers and a balloon... I was glad that our local florist had a couple of "back to school" balloons this year!!! (Could it be possible the florist was tired of my griping about their BTS selection of balloons... or LACK of selection???)

Have a WONDERFUL year in SECOND GRADE Lilley-Kate!!! :o)

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Jenn said...

Yeah for the "big" school girl!! Hope the first day was super great!