Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Musings...

Summer is winding down... the kiddies are starting back to school... our area returns back to classes on the 31st... Nick will leave next week to head back to college... it's been a VERY QUIET summer here... After spending 2 FABULOUS weeks visiting friends I found it really hard to "return to normal"... get back "in the groove"... find my "mojo"... but it's SLOWLY returning... SLOOOOOOWLY... LOL

We still don't know much about Michael's job situation... the fiscal year ends October 1st... so we'll know more then (my stomach still has that dreaded ACHE... but I'm trying REALLY HARD to stay POSITIVE)...

We've stopped spending $5 Bills... I had read an article (I THINK it was online) about a woman who saved $5 bills... every time she got one... she would put it in a jar... she saved over $2,300 in a year just not spending $5 bills... sounded easy enough... so that is what we are doing... so far we have $45 saved!

I'm going to start back listing on eBay this week... I'm probably a bit behind on the BTS listings... but I figure any little bit I can make will be a help in the longrun...

Our weather hasbeen really wierd this Summer... the flowers haven't done nearly as well as they have in past years... and we have noticed a lack of BEES and BUTTERFLIES in our area this Season... I'm thinking that is directly related to "ho hum" flowers...

I'm excited about the FALL TV LINE-UP!!!

I'm enjoying my "bleated" birthday present very much!!! Funny how a .50 cent box of Mac and Cheese tastes SO MUCH BETTER cooked in ALL CLAD... LOL

I've been reading some really great blogs this Summer... which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Happy Monday everyone!
My Monday got a PICK ME UP from a VERY DEAR FRIEND who rang me up... it was WONDERFUL to touch base and catch up! THANK YOU friend for brightening my day!!! :o)


Jenn said...

you are more than welcome :) it was the highlight of my day too!

take one day at a time and try not to borrow trouble. I know...easier said than done.

thinking of you,

Peggy said...

I have heard about the $5 bills. You are right, for some reason it is easier to part with them. (I have a death grip on $20's!) Hey, you know what my word verification word is? 'bilion' Misspelled, but hey!