Friday, August 21, 2009

FIVE... 5... CINCO... on FRIDAY...

Hi Everyone!!! It's THAT time... the "end of the week" (or do YOU consider SUNDAY the last day of the week???)... either way it's time for 5 on Friday!!!

1. Michael and Lilley-Kate went to the COUNTY FAIR this week... they had a GREAT TIME ("fairs" aren't MY cup o tea... so I stayed home and watched the TOP CHEF MASTERS marathon with our "shy child")... This is the second year Michael and Lilley-Kate have gone to the fair... and Lk was VERY EXCITED this year... she was tall enough to ride the SCRAMBLER!

2. We've had some FABULOUS thunder and lightning lately... and POURING rain... then 15 minutes later it's SUNNY... weird... of course this whole Summer has been weird weather wise!

3. I get REALLY SAD when I ride by a couple of the car dealers around town... the one's participating in the CASH FOR CLUNKERS scam (I mean PROGRAM)... one not far from us has a 2006 JEEP COMMANDER spraypainted ALL OVER and the front windshield smashed... I have to wonder... was that car REALLY a CLUNKER???

4. I think THIS SEASON of BIG BROTHER (11) has been the BEST YET!!! And the BIGGEST LOSER starts on September 15th!!!

5. Hard to belive next week is our "last week" of Summer vacation! School starts here the 31st... thinking of planning a couple of "fun" things to do... we'll see!
Have a nice weekend EVERYONE!!!

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