Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy Peasy...

We kinda did a "redecorating" of Lilley-Kate's room this Summer... Changed the WALL COLOR... from my FAVORITE Martha Stewart BUTTERCREAM to a FUN ART DECO PINK... went from a Cherry "theme"... to CANDY/Cabana STRIPE... (it was suppose to be SHABBY CHIC... but when Lk saw the stripes on a visit to "our" WALLIES I relented and changed direction)... I bought a few extra body pillowcases to do some "extras" with... ONE of them was a MEMORY BOARD for her room... She LOVES to have pictures in her room... so I thought this would be a FUN project...

I must say... seeing all the BEAUTIFUL Memory boards out in "blogland" that had been made was a bit intimidating... but I read (and reread... and REREAD again) a couple of tutorials and decided to plunge right in... and can I just say... "WHAT THE HECK WAS I AFRAID OF???!!!"... Not only was it SUPER EASY (thanks to some really good tutorials)... but I was able to "modify" my design (ok... I didn't have enough ribbon to do the criss crossy thing... so I used BIAS TAPE)... I have to admit... I LOVE THE RESULTS!!! I will DEFINITELY be making some more of these!!!
Most importantly... Lilley-Kate was THRILLED with it!!! :o)
Just a little "sidenote"... if you want to "know how" to make something ... just do a SEARCH for it... there are LOTS of GREAT TUTORIALS out there in blogland/on the web... I'll DEFINITELY be trying other things now!!!

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Jenn said...

oooh that DID turn out cute!! Anna has a big one in her room and she is always tucking in her favorite artwork or old b-day party invites she wants to remember!

Great job!