Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tids and Bits on Tuesday...

Just a few random thoughts for today...

Watched the season premiere of MADMEN last night (ended up having to DVR it on Sunday)... let me just say FAAAAAAAAABULOUS!
Our $5 Bill "fast" is doing GREAT... I haven't "counted" the bills yet... but the can continues to fill... I couldn't remember EXACTLY what day we started it... so I'm going with August 1st
I would LOVE to go see "Julie and Julia"... I've heard WONDERFUL things about it... but with the going matinee price at $8... I'm thinking I'll wait until it comes out on DVD
I WISH I could be as MOTIVATED and TALENTED as one of my DEAR FRIENDS... she NEVER ceases to AMAZE me!
It has been oppressivley HOT and HUMID here... FINALLY... SUMMER... but not for long I'm sure!
I only SOLD 3 auctions this cycle... not GREAT... but I'll take it
We registered for DANCE... starting in September... Lilley-Kate only chose TAP this year... I was a BIT SAD... but she'll enjoy the class (and promised to return to BALLET next year)
LOTS to do to get our "shy child" ready to return to college in a couple weeks... thankfully he was too "lazy" to unpack most of his stuff when he came home at the beginning of the Summer... LOL
Michael is planning to take Lilley-Kate to the county fair tomorrow... we're forecasted for storms the next few days... so HOPEFULLY they will get to go!
Have ironing to do... want to (RE)organize my "catch-all" room... finish up some SEWING...

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