Thursday, September 27, 2007


Tonight was SURVIVOR night!!! And what a night it was!!!

Zhan Hu... Spent most of the show making a firepit... well... not all of Zhan Hu... just a few... the others spent their time WHINING about being hungry... Dave (the "reluctant" leader) tried to delegate some "tasks" to the other members of the tribe... but "poor" Ashley (the easily overwhelmed multitask challenged WWE Diva) couldn't even handle breaking up a few sticks... They were totally out of sync at the competition and lost the luxury of winning fishing gear and a fishing boat... although they DID "win" a totally flooded camp... but a totally DRY firepit (Dave was SO PROUD of himself)... what I wondered after the challenge and return to camp is WHY they didn't move up to "dry land"... because it was only a few steps away??? Jamie was "kidnapped" after the challenge and had to go spend time with the Fei Long tribe until the next challenge... she was given a "secret message/clue" to a hidden immunity idol in the Fei Long camp and had to choose someone to give it to before she rejoined Zhan Hu at the Immunity Challenge...

Fei Long... An early alliance was formed between Amanda, Todd the Weasel and Aaron (leader of Fei Long)... "JR" lays around the entire show... and argues with Aaron (who is getting sick of "JR's" laziness)... "JR" reveals that he is a "bad boy" in the "Poker Community" and he is using a "poker bluff strategy" for the time being... James (the gravedigger) continues this episode pushing down the bamboo trees WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!! Leslie (the "not religious" Christian Radio Host) is feeling sick... she misses reading her bible and knows if she could just read it she would feel better... Fei Long wins the 1st challenge (mud wrestling basically) gets fishing gear and a fishing boat... and "kidnaps" Jamie from Zhan Hu until the next challenge... JR and Aaron misbehave like 12 year olds in front of Jamie (although she acts like she's not listening)... Jamie reads the directions in the secret message and decides to give the immunity idol clue to "non religious" Leslie (who then thinks the clue is a gift from God to make her feel better)... SILLY SILLY Leslie decides to share the info with WEASEL TODD because she feels she needs to "share" the info with someone "witty" in the tribe... DUMB DUMB DUMB Leslie...

The Immunity Challenge I think is one of the best yet on SURVIVOR... I loved the "story log" concept and of course Zhan Hu just couldn't pull out a win... although they were ahead for a split second... "Leader" Dave tuckers out and causes them to fall behind and ultimately lose the Challange... Fie Long wins... running like a well oiled machine (lead by James and Aaron)... did you happen to SEE James grab that story log all by himself and crash through the GONG??? FABULOUS!!!

Tribal Council turned into "Tribal Therapy" headed by Jeff... Dave the "Hard Worker" and Ashley the "overwhelmed multitasking challenged WWE Diva" on the block... suprisingly PG kept her mouth shut... Ashley ends up going home...

*** Just a little side note... I KNEW who was going home tonight... quite by accident... one of my husband's coworkers went onto Ashley's website... in it she "messes up" and made a "SPOILER STATEMENT" that she hated being the 2nd person voted off of SURVIVOR... ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY... not a smart thing to do... and Shame on you Mark Burnett for not catching the little spoiler!!! ***

Ashley made a parting statement... calling Dave a "tool"... WTH does THAT mean???

Can't wait for next Thursday... hopefully James will push down some more bamboo trees!!!

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Jacki McHale said...


When you call someone a tool, it is a nice way of saying he's a dick. I was sad to see her go. I really don't like Dave, I agree he is a tool.
And he did talk down to her a lot. Even though I have to say she got her ass handed to her in the mud pit. I thought she would have done better in that one.

Dave was such a weenie with that log. Thank goodness Frosti jumped in.

Todd and his wizard like aliences, to bizare. But I do have to say Leslie wins the idot award for sharing with Todd. What a tard. Hopefully her "god" can save her from that one, hopefully she feels better. Ding dong.