Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Thoughts...

The following thoughts have popped into my mind over the last few days (due to situations I have personally been in or observed)... just wanted to share them... remembering please... that they are MY thoughts...

1. I have a hard time taking you seriously when you are wearing a shirt with the graphic "I Feel Naughty" across the front (I mean... GEEZ LOUISE you are 42 years old!!!)

2. YOU are not 16... you were ONCE... a LONG time ago... but your NOT now (You're 42... and to be HONEST you stopped looking 16 26 years ago)

3. Just because YOU don't speak/understand English... don't think I don't know how to speak/understand Spanish (and yes... I understand it PERFECTLY well also)

4. There is something VERY WRONG when you use a welfare debit card to pay for your groceries and then get into a luxury SUV out in the parking lot

5. If you choose to wear flip flops in public... make sure your feet are CLEAN

6. There is a difference between DONE and COMPLETED

7. Don't claim to be "GREEN" while jumping into your HUMMER

8. I hope HILLARY doesn't win

9. ONCE a cheater ALWAYS a cheater... "they" were just dumb enough to get caught the first time... and "you" were dumb enough to stay

10. When did it become alright to have a CELLPHONE ON RING in church?

11. I married a GOOD MAN

12. I would NEVER trust someone enough to ride on the back of a motorcycle WITHOUT a helmet

13. Stay positive about Lilley Kate starting kindergarten

14. I LOVE KFC popcorn chicken

15. She's been a good dog

16. "WHALETALES" are out... and they were NEVER in on someone THAT old...

17. Do I WANT it or NEED it?



20. I'm basically happy

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Sharon said...

Wow! Those are some random thoughts, LOL. Thanks for stopping by the blog and asking about Abby. I need to do another update. I swear that "little" puppy grows an inch a day! She's a joy - a handful of puppy but an absolute sweetie. P.S. Gotta agree with you on number eight :-)