Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Month Bites the Dust... Almost

Well... Once again I have blinked and another month has gone by... almost! This Summer seems to have wizzed by with no concern for my LONG list of "To Dos"... I can't say that I am totally without scratching off "Things To Do"... I have spent a lot of time with our youngest who will enter Kindergarten this Fall... learning all the "basics" needed to be ready for kindergarten... I have enjoyed leisurely days reading books with her... playing Barbie's, boardgames and coloring... and we have spent some wonderful afternoons outside in our butterfly garden... I have looked at things differently this Summer... and have realized that as long as the family is HAPPY... I am HAPPY... I do have a couple of goals for August though... one of them is to "blog" more... not necessarily blog hop (which BTW I have become totally addicted to)... but to work to make MY BLOG better... another is to take off 10lbs. Seems that some unwanted weight has creeped onto my body (ok... not creeped b/c I am totally aware when it started) and I need to be a bit more conscience now that I am "The New 30"... I would like to make it a goal to continue to spend "uninterrupted" time with the family also... enjoying our family and each other... because in the end... it really isn't going to matter much how many things I got "done" is it?

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