Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Apron Story...

Always one to have a quick "comeback" ... here is a little story I'm sharing... My Mother-in-law and I share a very "strained" (for lack of a better word) realtionship... and I am "known" to be quite the bitch when I want to be (and it is warranted)... So... we typically visit the in-laws on Christmas Eve... well... last Christmas Eve my MIL is sporting an apron ("full length" the kind that goes around the neck and covers the front like down to the knees) and ON this apron is the phrase 'I can go from nice to BITCH in 2.3 seconds'... well I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of commenting on the RIDICULOUS apron right? RIGHT! So I pretty much ignore it until she comes up to me and says "Lala... what do you think of my apron? A friend of mine gave it to me and I thought YOU would appreciate it" Hmmmmmm... did you now (is what I thought)... So I look at the apron, scan my eyes like I am reading it... Look my MIL STRAIGHT IN THE EYE and say "OH... well... it takes you 2.3 seconds longer than it does me"... like I said... I CAN be quite the bitch when warranted... :o)

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