Thursday, November 15, 2007


WOOHOO... My favoritest night of the week... SURVIVOR NIGHT... here's the recap for those that may have missed it!

Show opens with James reminising about the close vote at Tribal... but realizes he is fairly safe due to the fact that he has BOTH Hidden Immunity Idols... James proceeds to awaken his tribemates with a rowsing "GOOD MORNING" song... COURTNEY relishes in JRs absence... Amanda and Courtney worry about Denise flipping after the vote switch that she (Denise) wasn't aware of... Denise feels betrayed over the vote switch... James tells Denise that the tribe was afraid she would flip if they had told her of the vote switch...

HAE DA FUNG... PG replaces JR as the tribe "Annoyer"... Todd worries about Courtney's relationship with Frosti.... TREE MAIL arrives accompanied with a drum... PG pities herself as the "losingest Survivor" in history (since she has won NOTHING so far)

REWARD CHALLENGE... "Bouncing Ball on Drums Obstacle Course"... Teams of 4 (another school yard pick)... COURTNEY is picked last... team of PG, JAMES, Denise and TODD struggle through the whole challenge... YELLOW TEAM wins (Frosti, Amanda, Erik, and Courtney)... REWARD is a criuse along the LE River, FEAST, and a "good nights sleep"

PG confronts James over losing the challenge... James reinforces with Denise that they need to stick to the plan and not waiver... TODD is feeling left out and says this is the worst day for him (all his "friends" are criusing w/o him)

REWARD CRUISE... Courtney disses on PG... Erik keeps quiet (as long as they aren't talking about him he's happy)... Courtney says Frosti is really cute but YOUNG... Frosti says he likes Courtney but knows she is WAY out of his league (THAT made me laugh)... Erik does this FREAKY impression of a goat and Frosti worries that Erik may "push him (Frosti) out" of the good graces of the tribe... REWARD winners return from the cruise and lie about the food...

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE... PUZZLE SCRAMBLE... Survivors have the option of "opting out" and eating instead of participating... Everyone but PG, Frosti, Amanda and Eric opt to eat... cheeseburgers, fries, cold drinks, and fixins... PG WINS IMMUNITY

Frosti is upset that people sat out to eat... Erick and Frosti both suspect they are on the block... Frosti talks to Todd about Erik... Todd suggests COURTNEY go (due to her growing relationship with Frosti)... Todd talks to Courtney about Frosti going... Courntey won't commit to the vote

TRIBAL COUNCIL... Jeff questions the "eaters" at the immunity challenge.. and their standing in the tribe... Erik suspects he is at the bottom and probably going home... PG keeps the IMMUNITY NECKLACE... Jamie and JR (the jury) are there... JR is rolling his eyes the whole time... TIME TO VOTE... FROSTI GOES... Jeff "warns" Survivors of the ability to adapt to new situations at any moment and says that TRIBAL BUSINESS is not done...

I noticed the opening credits... pictures of the Survivors have changed!!!

Looking forward to next week and the unfinished Tribal Council Business!!!

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Jacki McHale said...

I can't wait until next Thursday!! OMG!! I wonder what they did at tribal?? That show could be 3 hours long and it wouldn't be enough!

I was sad to see Frosti go. I was rooting for him. That is the hard thing about survivor, if your on the losing team, the merge is usually bad news for you.