Monday, November 19, 2007

Stove/Oven "ENVY"...

Eren over at This Vintage Chica posted a picture recently that caught her FABULOUS stove/oven in the shot... and I IMMEDIATELY got the "ENVY" (Along with a few others too!)... It's not that I "hate" MY stove/oven(s)... but I DO wish it was more "updated" and efficient... I'm SURE that mine is from the 70s (late in the decade maybe)... I LOVE the fact that I have 2 ovens (top and bottom)... and a warming drawer under the bottom oven... I love the fact that the knobs are "high" (so little hands can't mess with them)... I don't love the fact that only 3 of the burners work up to par (the back left never seems to reach temperature)... the bottom oven runs about 15-25* off at any given time... the clock and the timer long ago met their maker so they don't work... there is no exhaust fan... and the light is a bare bulb above the stove burners (which I have never turned on)... There are other priorities for now... so a new stove/oven will have to wait... but hey... a girl can dream right?!

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