Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Party Hats and Portraits...

WOW... what a GREAT WEEKEND... the weather was PERFECT... ABSOLUTELY PERFECT... we enjoyed being outside and even had our first dinner on the new patio!!!

In honor of the Holiday Weekend... Lilley-Kate decided to make "party hats" for some of her little "softie" animals... Each animal had a different "theme" to their hat... and she tucked them all over the house Saturday evening... I asked her who THIS "softie" was suppose to be... She said "Mom... he's the GENERAL because he has a STAR on his hat!"... LOL... I should've KNOWN that... right?
I was VERY HAPPY with Lilley-Kate's RECITAL PORTRAITS/PROOFS this year... NOW the trick is to pick a "winner" and get the order placed... if I don't dilly too much and place the order in the next couple of days the portraits could POSSIBLY be back BY RECITAL... I just have to pick my favorites!!! CHOICES CHOICES!!!


Jenn said...

WOW! She did a fantastic job didn't she??? Love the b&w and the one in the bottom left...of course I LOVE the polka dots...but you knew that right??

Great job LK!


Peggy said...

They (and she) are all gorgeous! I think the bottom left one is definitely a keeper though!