Friday, May 08, 2009


BALLET 7- RECITAL ROUTINE... "Someday My Prince Will Come"...

Walk to spots
Tendu quick 4R, 1 Side, Passe, 1st
Tendu quick 4L, 1 Side Passe, 1st

Glissade R, Passe R
Glissade L, Passe L
Arabesque R, Sutenu turns R, Plie
Arabesque L, Sutenu turns L, Plie

Balance R, L, R, L
Plie, Releve
Blow Kiss R, L
Echappe- 2 Slow
Reach R, L- Hand on Heart

Princess walk to spot
Chasse around the world (1 way)
Chasse around the world (other way)
Chenne Out
Chenne In
Heart sway, R, L, R, L
Dip and Reach R
Dip and Reach L
Borre turn (high V arms)

Princess walk to spot

Balance R, L, R, L
Plie, Releve
Reach up R, L Reach Down R, L
Echappe 2
REach R, L
Dip R, L
Borre turn

Ballet walk off stage

We are "Full Steam Ahead" in Recital Prep... Lilley-Kate won "Best Routine" ribbon this past week in class (other ribbons include Best Smile, Best Posture, Best Stylin', Best Ballerina)... she was VERY excited as BEST ROUTINE INCLUDED verbally reciting the routine to the teacher... She's already told me NEXT WEEK she wants to get the "BEST SMILE" Ribbon... LOL...

I have "surrendered" and started letting Lilley-Kate TAPE things to her bedroom door... it is QUICKLY becoming her FAVORITE thing to do now!!!

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Anonymous said...

OH How fun!! Congrats on the Best Routine!! Not all at surprised :)
Tape away LK .. Tape away!