Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up...

We had a fairly quiet weekend here at According to Lala... FINALLY we had SUNSHINE (I was beginning to wonder if I was seeing things when we woke up Saturday morning to wonderful rays of sunlight shining through the curtains!)... Michael continued the painting process in our bedroom... and spent some time outside with Lilley-Kate (and snapped the FABULOUS picture in the previous post)... I worked on some eBay paperwork... got a towel order done... and kinda lazed around (my bones have been hurting more than usual lately)... Sunday we woke up to MILD temperatures and RAIN... washing away a lot of the snow... Michael continued painting our room (2nd coat)... Lilley-Kate colored... we read some books... played Barbies and had a picnic in the family room... I got a Sock Monkey order done for a customer... and got my auctions ready for my Wednesday listing... had a late dinner (leftover chili) and watched Big Brother... Michael is watching "We Are Marshall" on TV... I think I'll browse eBay for a bit and then head up to bed... Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend!

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