Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seven Random Things... TAG

WOW... I've been TAGGED by JAYME for Seven RANDOM Things... here they are... and THANKS Jayme!

  1. I am the ONLY left-handed person in my family (including my parents/grandparents/aunts-uncles/cousins/siblings/spouse/children/in-laws)

  2. I am NOT a "cold-climate" kinda gal... for me... the HOTTER... the BETTER!!!
  3. I pride myself on my PUNCTUALITY
  4. I HATE clutter
  5. I'm not as "cold-hearted" as people think I am
  6. I LOVE watching TV
  7. I consider myself to be more "spiritual" than "religious"

I really don't know 7 other bloggers to TAG... so if you would like just play along!

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