Thursday, June 05, 2008


I LOVE skirts... LOVE LOVE LOVE them... and when I find one I like... I stick with it...

Being a bit on the short side... and carrying a bit more than I would like "on the bottom"... I always look for "classic" styles and "cuts" that not only "work"... but look nice... and I have found just that in a vintage SIMPLICITY "JIFFY" pattern (#4763)... 4 total pattern pieces (plus optional pockets)... A-Line cut with a bit of "swing"... Wrap-around style for ease of "fit"... took me MAYBE 45 minutes to cut and sew (I did take a shortcut and used bias trim for the waistband and ties)... I used a FABULOUS Alexander Henry fabric "VERONIQUE" that has a nice feel and drape (I'd say it is a mid to lightweight cotton)... I will DEFINITELY be making more of these!!!

One of my FAVORITE actresses was asked in an interview once why she wore skirts so much... her answer... 'with a big bum and thick legs I just feel more comfortable and presentable in skirts'... it made me love her even more!

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Jenn said...

AWESOME! SO cute on...but where is the rest of you LOL! I want to see the whole package LOL!

You did a GREAT JOB!!! Love the style!!