Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Lilley-Kate and I looked forward to this weekend with each passing day last week! "Daddy" was due home on SATURDAY after 3 weeks away... something "new" for Lilley-Kate... having Daddy gone for an extended period of time... but we kept busy... and the time went fast... and Daddy arrived FRIDAY evening (surprising Lilley-Kate one day early!)

We had a WONDERFUL weather day on Friday... Lilley-Kate had a reading program at school in the afternoon... after school Lilley-Kate and I headed up to pick up Nick and his girlfriend Samantha at school... "finals" are approaching and they both wanted a "relaxing" weekend away from school before starting their study schedule... we arrived home about 1/2 hour before Michael's SURPRISE arrival home... Lilley-Kate was beside herself with excitment wehn she saw "Daddy" at the door (and proudly showed him our "Back Home" signs we made him)... we enjoyed take-out HOT CHEESIE PIZZA and then Nick and Samantha spent the evening watching "slasher" movies in the Family Room (too scarey for me!!!)

Saturday morning was casual... I made sweet potatoe pancakes and sausage for everyone... the weather was BEAUTIFUL... so Michael and Lilley-Kate played outside (and Michael got started on some much needed yardwork)... Lilley-Kate practiced riding her bike some more... and we "played" basketball... I made a Wallies run (to pick up some snacks for Nick to take back to school)... got laundry done... and a bit on sewing... Nick and Samantha went into the city... Lilley-Kate decided we should have Spaghetti and Garlic Bread for dinner... YUMMY!!! It started raining late evening and we got quite a bit of rain overnight

Today everyone slept in... Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast... Nick and Samantha got ready to head back to school... I colored my hair (WOOOooo... and it NEEDED IT BAD!!!)... Michael and Lilley-Kate took Nick and Samantha back to school and stopped at McDonald's for lunch... I stayed hoome and caught up on soe TiVo shows... and did a bit of sewing... The weather wasn't as nice today... cloudy and quite q bit cooler... by the time Michael and Lilley-Kate got home mid-afternoon the weather had improved a bit... Michael mowed the lawn and put down WEED and FEED... Lilley-Kate played outside and then on the computer a bit...We had Chicken Pot Pie (at Michael's request) for dinner... watched Big Brother 9... and Michael is watching some Alaska Adventure show now...

No school tomorrow for Lilley-Kate... :o)


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Jenn said...

I'm a little late posting but wanted to say how glad I am that Michael got home and you are back to enjoying some family time! I'm sure that feels GREAT!!!