Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Awaited Visitors...

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a window feeder (at Lilley-Kate's insistance) and have had it up at the kitchen window... PATIENTLY (or TRYING to be patient) waiting for a feathered visitor... we noticed that the food was decreasing... but had not been able to glimpse any birds actually AT the feeder... EVERY DAY Lilley-Kate would ask when I picked her up at school "Mommy... Have any birds visited"... and I would say "No... not today... but they will soon"... well... TODAY we had a visitor!!!... and I was actually able to catch a few shots of them! Lilley-Kate is in school presently... oh how I WISH she had been here... but she'll be THRILLED that I was able to snap some shots! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I always love a sweet little birdie...now you can truly say "a little birdie told me" to LK :) Hope you get lots more visitors in the weeks to come!