Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The BOOK IT Program ended this month... Lilley-Kate earned all 6 Reading Award Certificates... they are/were redeemable for a Personal Pan Pizza a PIZZA HUT (we have only redeemed one... I think I'll save the rest to put in her scrapbook)... at the beginning of the school year when the program started WE read the books to Lilley-Kate... but by the last 2 months of the program SHE was reading books to us!!!

Lilley-Kate LOVES to read... Both my husband and I love to read... and Lilley-Kate's big brother Nick is a VORACIOUS reader

I'm glad that we have "passed on" the love of reading books to BOTH our kids!

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Jenn said...

Woohooo! Glad to hear the reading is coming along so well! You should record her sometime! That would be fun to listen back on when she is older :)