Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog "Hopping"...

I have become a "Blog Hopper"... at least that is the term I have come up with... I love visiting other Blogs... seeing what other Bloggers have to say and how their blogs look... and I have come to a conclusion... I'm not the "Great Blogger" I have thought myself to be! (I already knew that though)... Some people have FABULOUS blogs... fun blogs... informative blogs... some even have PICTURES in their blogs... I have even put a few of the blogs on my "favorties" and have taken to visiting them daily... even left a few complimentary comments... Since I have started "Blog Hopping" I have come to a conclusion... I have a LOT of work to do!


Jacki McHale said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love BB, I have the live feed on 24/7. I thought BB was addicting, now for my birthday every year (19th) I ask for the SuperPass to watch my live feed.

I will save your blog too. I am such a blog junkie!!

Have a good day!


Sharon said...

Hi Lala!

Thanks for blog-hopping over to my blog! I love the story of how you came to be known as "Lala" - that's so sweet.

Blogging *is* hard isn't it? I blog hop also and am amazed at the talent in the blogosphere.

Well, now the pressure is on for you to update as I'll be coming back to read what you have to say.