Saturday, October 31, 2009


We woke up to RAIN this morning... Michael kept a close eye on the radar all day... and by noon all the rain had passed and by Trick or Treat time we were starting to see a bit of blue in the sky!!!

The HARDTS came over for Trick or Treating... since they live in the "country"... it's safer (and more "candy profitable") for them to come to our house for Trick or Treating... we make an evening of it... out for ToTing and then homoe to our house for some HOT CHEEZIE PIZZA and games...
Lilley-Kate was a MONARCH BUTTERFLY this year... and her friend Kylee was a BUMBLE BEE... the girls had a BLAST ToTing and saw lots of their friends in the neighborhood!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN too!!!


Peggy said...

GORGEOUS decorations - someone is an artful carver! And BEAUTIFUL costumes!!! Hopefully they got a good haul -- we only had 3 trick or treaters, who were very surprised and happy to get multiple HANDFULS of candy!!! And it was the "good stuff" from Costco - their 5# chocolate bag. Alas, unless I want to gain 5#, most of it will be going to my husband's office!

Jenn said...

most BEAUTIFUL butterfly I have ever seen that's for sure!! Glad LK had a great TOT night!!