Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fun...

Fall has "offically" arrived... Michael and Lilley-Kate spent Saturday afternoon raking up leaves in the backyard (the first of many "rakings" they will do)... we'd had a few days of damp, drizzly weather... translate... WET LEAVES... but that didn't stop Lilley-Kate from making her own pile to jump in!

Saturday was our first "sunny day" in a WEEK! A bit CHILLY... but SUNNY!!!

Today since Lilley-Kate didn't have school... we decided to try to beat the rain forecasted and headed out into the country to our (my) FAVORITE pumpkin patch... AAAAAAHHHHHH... pumpkins "gathered" by SIZE, SHAPE, COLOR... all in neat rows or stacked into BINS (You KNOW how HAPPY that makes me!!!!)
We made it there... CHILLY, MISTY, a bit BREEZY... and saw some pretty funny looking pumpkins...

We thought these "bumpy" gourds and pumpkins were hilarious!!!

I even cajolled Lilley-Kate to take her jacket off for a quick pic next to the scarecrow (it was CHILLY!!!)
We had to cut the visit a bit short... as the light drizzle turned into more... but we had a nice time....

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Holiday!!!

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