Monday, April 06, 2009

Magazines and Mud...

I LOVE Decorating magazines... especially one's that practice "budget friendly" ideas... after visiting some VERY INSPIRATIONAL blogs I KNEW I'd have to pick up the latest issue of THIS magazine... and as PROMISED (by reviews of fellow bloggers) I was NOT disappointed!!! I think SEEING THIS project on WHAT'S NEW? has totally inspired me!

LOTS of fun Springy/Easter crafts in Blogland too!!! THESE are definitely on my TO DO LIST (for next year)... they'd be SUPER CUTE with ribbon hangers and hung along a mantel or on an all season tree!!! (Although I DID pick up the SUPER CUTE SHABBY cake stand in that post on my latest trip to TARGET!!!)
Two days of dry weather allowed Michael (with the "help" of Lilley-Kate) to square off and grade the ground for our new patio out back... My "Math Major" of a husband (yes... he DOES hold a Mathematics Major) "mismeasured" the area when ordering the bricks and had to call the place to order 60 more... so once the LimeStone is delivered things will start moving towards completeing THAT project... YIPEE!!!
We enjoyed a "nice" weather weekend... but seem to have "slipped back" into the old habit of CLOUDY, WINDY and COLD today... we're expecting SNOW overnight... WHERE is SPRING???


Peggy said...

I really miss Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine, but this might help ease the pain. And LOVE those HK boots! Surely they have misjudged and should expand (Size 10 please) their target market audience!

Peggy said...

P.S. Thanks for the link to Retro Mama's Easter eggs. I may try to make a few. Though I should be crushed you didn't include my scary bunny! No hard feelings -Seriously, it freaked out everyone here each time we walked by - those eyes! - so I packed it up with the jelly bean java cup warmer and mailed to my sister, as a surprise. Without a note. She didn't know what the wrapper was for so she put it around the bunny as a cape. Which squished the arms. I truly think we are both nuts and this confirms the gene pool.

Jenn said...

We are busy doing projects here too! I will be so happy when the spring weather gets here to STAY and we can really get outside and do some things in the yard. Love the boots ;)