Saturday, January 10, 2009

Building a Wardrobe... And Snowman

Today was spent watching the rapidly falling snow... AND helping out Lilley-Kate's "girls" (who according to her were seriously "wardrobe challenged")... sewing a few simple skirts... and outfits for "the girls"...

WE had a break in the snowfall and Lilley-Kate and Michael headed outside for some fun... of course... a snowman was an order...

We currently have around 10" of the white stuff... more forecasted overnight... the plows (that stopped plowing earlier in the day) have resumed their routes and the sounds of snowshoveling and snowblowers can be heard throughout the neighborhood... we'll see what the morning brings as far as additional snowfall... HOPEFULLY not much!


Anonymous said...

WOW~ that is a LOT of snow!!! BYTM..LOL
LOVE the outfits!!! Great job!!!

Jenn said...

Cute wardrobe! Wish someone would come here and sew me some new duds!

And YES I see the shirring...WOOHOOO! Did I tell you it would be easy?? Now go get a ROTARY CUTTER YOU SPAZ!