Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Times 2... and Building a Bear

This weekend we are heading "home"... my Neice and Nephew will be turning ONE on Saturday... so we couldn't miss the celebration... I decided to do gift "baskets" for them... of course noticing AFTER I had everything tied up tight my little "oversight" (you see it right?)...

Tuesday Lilley-Kate had a half-day of school (REPORT CARD DAY!!!)... well... I decided that we better get over to Build A Bear BEFORE the "HELLIDAY" rush started... I had received their Helliday catalog in the mail and figured a WEEKEDAY would be the safest (less crowded) time to visit the store... THANKFULLY I was right... we were only 2 of 5 people in the store (we've been there before when it has been SO CROWDED you couldn't even get in the front door)... DANG... I'll never figure out how to load the pics so they show up in the right order!!!
Lilley-Kate named her "Sparklie Skater Emiley"...
Of course the Sparklie Blue Bear HAD to have the Sparklie Blue Skating Costume... complete with SKATES!!!

This chick was one of the BEST "STUFFERS" I have ever seen... she really made a great production of it... Had Lilley-Kate sing a song and recited a poem... she was GOOOOOOD (of course... one of the perks of them not being busy I am thinking... )

We had a fun afternoon... (and yes... Lilley-Kate got a good report in her Report Card too)
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!

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