Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Going PINK... and a GIVEWAY!!!!

In honor of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH my DEAR FRIEND AMY is asking everyone to "GO PINK"... AND she is having a FABULOUS month long GIVEAWAY!!! Go visit her blog to find out how YOU can win (and qualify for LOTS of entries for the giveaway!)

As a FUN part of the giveaway my DEAR FRIEND AMY tagged me for 5 PINK THINGS that I use on a DAILY BASIS... easy peasy (because I LOVE PINK)...

My FABULOUSLY PINK Hello Kitty CD/RADIO... I listen to our local talk radio in the morning and then syndicated talk radio throughout the day...

My FAVORITE YANKEE CANDLE... Just smelling this candle makes everything COMFY COZY!!!
My HELLO KITTY Alarm clock wakes me up EVERY MORNING (way too early!!!)
My PINK FUZZY SOX... my tootsies get cold REALLY EASY... and these are SUPER SOFT!
And my PINK Polka Dotted Folder... sits on the computer desk and keeps all my "important papers" in one spot!!!
I LOVE PINK!!! I even wore a TURTLENECK today... first time this season (hey... it was below 55* here today) that was PINK!!!
Scoot on over to visit Amy's Blog... and join in the FUN!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fun~Fun~Fun!!! Love all of your pink items!!! Of course..the HK things are a Fav!! :)
Thanks for participating and for helping to raise Awareness!! :)
Love you Friend!