Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Sayin'...

My FAVORITE seamripper has went missing... I'm suspicious as to WHERE... I miss you FAVORITE SEAMRIPPER... PLEASE reappear soon
I'm going to have to take Lilley-Kate to have her feet measured... she's wearing shoes ranging in size from 13 1/2 to a 3... It's really got me curious as to WHAT her "true" shoesize is
I found out (quite by accident) that EASTER is NEXT WEEKEND... Hmmmmm... I thought it was 2 weeks away... so once again I am totally NOT PREPARED and have 6 days to get it together
Willard Scott STILL CREEPS ME OUT... and AL ROKER is starting to
Michael asked me how I was liking "being a FOLLOWER"... and then commented "how can you TYPE that fast?"... PRACTICE sweetie... LOTS of practice
Guest Blogging/Blog swapping... is it the newest trend? I'm thinking... but it's just too much clicking and backreading for me to enjoy
We're expecting SNOW... but have had a few "teaser days"... it gives me HOPE
Cleaned out my closet and drawers... got rid of a shirt I have had for over 10 years (and miss it almost as much as my FAVORITE SEAMRIPPER)
I really DON'T like it being "ALL ABOUT ME"... I'd MUCH RATHER it be more about someone else...

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