Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's DANCE!!!

Well... another recital under our belts... Lilley-Kate did a GREAT JOB! She stayed on her "mark" and kept a constant smile... ALL the kids did a wonderful job!

Her BALLET rountine "Someday My Prince Will Come" (Ashley Tisdale from HSM) was first... Lilley-Kate is second from the left in the front row)... right at the end of the routine she spotted my Mother in the front row... as soon as she came off stage she said to me "Mommy, I saw Grandma and she waved at me!"

Her TAP routine came second... "Ladies Choice" (Zac Efron in the movie HAIRSPRAY)... it was SUPER CUTE... It was a bit harder for Lilley-Kate to keep her eyes in the audience since she had spotted my Mother earlier... LOL
In between routines we kept the girls busy downstairs with costume changes, coloring, and snack... Lilley-Kate LOVED walking around and seein the other costumes and they had a monitor set up so we could watch the recital (and the chaperones could keep track of the routine line up) LIVE! (We ordered the DVD too... so we'll be able to watch it OVER and OVER!)
Our Dance Studio "splits the recital... the Younger Dancers "first"... then a 30 minute intermission and then the "older dancers"... the YDs are able to leave after the frist half (which is nice!) so we were out of the auditorium by 4:30pm
No dancing through the Summer (at least not in a studio setting)... although I DO wish they would offer "CAMPS" for the kids... but we'll be ready for registration in August!!!
GREAT JOB Lilley-Kate!!! YOU are our DANCING PRINCESS!!!

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Peggy said...

A-dor-a-ble!! Did you have the hankies nearby?!