Monday, March 23, 2009


OK... so I pick up this SUPER CUTE skirt pattern today at JoAnns... I favor a very specific TYPE of skirt... a bit A-line... with a little swing at the hemline... VERY FIGURE FRIENDLY... I get home and look (more closely) at the sizing measurements on the back of the pattern envelope... and about have a MAJOR STROKE...

HERE are my HONEST TO GOD measurements (and according to ANTM and TYRA BANKS I AM considered to be PLUS SIZE)

HEIGHT 5' 4"
WEIGHT 135-138
WAIST 33" (I have a bit of a "pooch")
HIPS 41" (OK... and I carry a little "pocket full of sunshine" too)
I TYPICALLY wear anywhere from an 8-12 (in MISSES) on the bottom (depending on CUT, manufacturer and TOM)

So... according to THIS pattern... it won't fit me??? SERIOUSLY???


Peggy said...

OK, I'll raise you the new April issue of Burda World of Fashion Magazine. Their "regular" size range fashions used to extend (haha) to size 46, which I could wear. Not all of them were available, but most - at least more than this issue's - which are now stopping at 42 and 44. Unless you want the tunic or a coat. What message are they sending here?! The Plus section has my size - their range starts at 44 - some cute things, but they don't fit the same. Nor look as cute. Not that I'm trying to be mutton dressed as lamb, I just don't want to be stuck wearing a tunic or covered up in a coat as my only options. Grrr. I think you should keep the pattern and do a Sandra Betzina and add a little to the side seams and adjust where needed. Most of those patterns are oversized to begin with and you may be pleasantly surprised to see your skirt come to life at that smaller size.

amylouwho said...

The pattern companies have not engaged in size inflation like most off the rack clothing manufacturers. A size 6 today is my like Marilyn Monroe's size 12. I remember shopping at the Gap one year and all of a sudden I was wearing 2 sizes smaller than normal. They play on our psyche about our fear of the number.

I wear a large size in patterns too and I just try to remind myself that I haven't changed, just because the number on the pattern is different. Just make sure it fits and it will look great! Fit is the most important after all.

Anonymous said...

Grab your other S patterns. I KNOW you are NOT off that chart!!!
Ps...Lovin' that 'little pocketfull of sunshine" bwaa haa haa LOVE YOU!!!

Jenn said...

Well I'd be AT LEAST a 12 according to those measurements. And I know there's a bit of "junk in the trunk" but that is still a far cry from the size I wear in store bought clothing. Try not to stress know you're hot :) Who in their right mind has a 24" waist? Maybe a 12 year old but certainly not anyone I know!!!

take a bow Jenn