Saturday, November 05, 2011

Times They Are a Changin'...

We had our first "snow"... white stuff fell from the sky... but THANKFULLY didn't linger on the ground... I fear it's a "pre-show" of what's to come!

6 BIG BLACK TRASHBAGS have been filled... my "FAVORITES" list got (DRASTICALLY) pared down on the computer... my skin got "itchy"... I HAD to "clean house"...

When my OLDEST was little (around 9ish) he couldn't watch AIRBUD without busting out crying... 14 years later... not much has changed

We've switched over to a "Fall Menu"... soups, potpies and casseroles... and YUMMY CHILI (just spicey enough to give ya the sniffles!)

I was in the store the other day and had to stop short... WAS THAT CHRISTMAS MUSIC I WAS HEARING over the PA system? YEP...

It feels like we go to bed Sunday night... wake up and it's FRIDAY already... time didn't seem to FLY so fast when I was younger!!!

More days than not lately I just stand here DUMBFOUNDED and think to myself "WHERE did my SWEET GIRL go"???

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