Saturday, May 21, 2011

Advice from Nancy...

As a young girl I LOOOOOOOOOOVED reading the NANCY DREW MYSTERIES... So when I came across this at our local "BARGAIN BARN" I KNEW I HAD to pick it up... FILLED with fun little "NANCY FACTIODS"... and kitchie "NANCY WISDOM" it's a DELIGHT of any NANCY FAN (and just a really cute book to read/paruse)...

Some of the FUN things in this book...

FRIEND or FOE: How Do You Know? Checklist
Nancy's FASHIONISTA Evolution
Match the VILLIAN to the CRIME (based on the NANCY DREW Mysteries)

And some of NANCY'S Wisdom...

Do be a pretty sight for sore eyes... from the Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion

When traveling, sample the local menu fare!... The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

Red lipstick makes a great window SOS when you've been kidnapped and stolen away on a plane!... from The Mystery of the Fire Dragon

I have been reading some beloved series from my (much) younger years... I am planning to "revisit" Nancy Drew and her many adventures this Summer with Lilley-Kate!!!

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Peggy said...

Oh Lala, I so loved Nancy Drew myself! In fact, I often rely on my "inner Nancy Drew" to (quite successfully!) get me out of some tough spots. WWNDD? What Would Nancy Drew Do? :D I remember buying the hardcover books at Sibley's in Rochester, NY for $1.50. I had #1-#70 (Yes, I kept buying them for while past elementary school - haha!) I have three editions of "The Sign of the Twisted Candles". The rest I sold en masse on eBay years ago to another fellow Nancy Drew-er.
I STILL continue to buy them, though -- trying to get a new generation of readers when I tutor ESL girls. Try explaining "titian" hair, LOL! (Or Ned for that matter! haha)