Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been busy... catching up on some sewing projects...

SATIN PILLOWCASES... for promoting BEAUTY SLEEP (using satin pillowcases helps minimize facial wrinkling)... HEALTHY HAIR (using satin pillowcases helps keep long hair smooth and tangle free) and SWEET DREAMS (using satin pillowcases promotes sweet dreams... just because WHO doesn't have sweet dreams sleeping on a SATIN PILLOWCASE?)... Made for MY FAVORITE GIRL (who is growing her hair to her WAIST) and me... and our BESTIES!!!

The pattern is pretty "straight-forward"... you can use a premade pillowcase as a guide... OR use THIS GREAT TUTORIAL!!!

I cut them all out and sewed then "assembly line style"... and it went lickety split! I bought FLANNEL BACKED SATIN (at JoAnn's)... so the pillowcases "stay put" on the pillow... I'll definitley be making more of these!!!

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