Monday, September 07, 2009


Wanna make the BEST DANG DIP for your next party??? Well... here ya' go... SUPER SIMPLE... and BELIEVE ME... once you make and take... it'll become a regular request!!! THREE (yes... only THREE... well... 4 if you like things on the SPICY SIDE) INGREDIENTS to YUMMINESS!!!

Ingredients Needed... 4 BLOCKS Philly Cream Cheese (gotta go "full fat" on this... it's a consistancy thing people... you won't be sorry!!!)... 1 lb. Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage (Regular... BUT... if you like SPICY then go with the HOT)... and 1 can ROTEL Tomatoes and Green Chilies... Again... like a bit of HEAT??? Then include the Crushed Red Pepper in the ingredient list!!!

OK... let's make some DANG GOOD DIP!!!

In a Large saucepan brown up the sausage, "chopping" it into small pieces as it browns... ***Add some crushed red pepper at this point if desired***... Drain (very well) the ROTEL and add to the sausage... heat through... reduce heat a bit... drop ONE BLOCK of room temp CREAM CHEESE in... stir to melt... adding additional blocks one at a time until all melted... STIR STIR STIR to mix well... SERVE HOT with corn chips (we like the kind shaped like little bowls)


Just some "tips" to make this the BEST DANG DIP EVER... Drain the ROTEL WELL (you don't want to end up with PINK DIP (lesson learned!)... also... I have TRIED to "go cheap" on the Cream Cheese... DON'T (another lesson learned!)... my advice... if you want to "add some heat" do it while browning the sausage... once the cream cheese is added it's hard to get a good intensity over the cream cheese (lesson learned a third time!!!) And if you want the dip "less creamy? Just use 3 blocks of CC instead of 4 (it's a preference thing for some people but I always use 4)... Can be left out at room temp during the party (no worries) and reheats in the microwave GREAT!!!

I have been making (and taking and taking and taking) this dip to places for YEARS and it's ALWAYS a hit!!!

ENJOY!!! You're about to become the most "popular" guest at the party!!!

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Peggy said...

DANG! No wonder you need the bowlful chips Sounds like your social party season is off to a good and tasty start!