Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Desperately Seeking ADVICE...

It seems that our BELOVED ABBIE'S world has fallen silent... according to the vets (yes... we DID seek a "second opinion") our sweet sweet lab has gone totally deaf... although there IS some dispute as to whether it is age related (she will be 12 this September) or diabetes related (she has been a diabetic going on 4 years now)... the diagnosis was the same from both vets... she now has to be monitored "eyes on" outside (she's wandered off a couple of times recently)... we have been careful not to "spook" her (we realized pretty quickly that we need to be in FRONT of her so she can SEE US) to get her moving... the 2nd vet DID give us a couple of simple hand signals we can teach her (as a form of communication) and she's a quick learner... but our LOVEABLE LAB has turned into a NERVOUS NELLIE... especially at night (outside)... SWEET SWEET ABBIE... getting old STINKS huh?

If anyone has any TIPS/HINTS/ADVICE that we can use to help us and ABBIE make things easier for her I sure would APPRECIATE it... I know she's "just a dog"... but... she's OUR DOG... and whatever we can do (within reason) to help her we will.

Thanks everyone!!!


Peggy said...

What an adorable photo! I don't have a doggie who is deaf here, but know ones who are. Amy, the Alpha ranch doggie is deaf, too. Be careful and comforting during thunderstorms. They may not hear, but can "feel" them. Do you have another dog, too? My friend had two dogs - and the other became very protective of Buffy and helped her. So touching to see them together. With love and support from 2 leggers and 4 leggers your Abbie will still have that "dog's life" :)

Jenn said...

Poor baby :( She's still as cute as can be though!! I don't have any great advice really...I would think the hand signals would be really helpful.