Saturday, March 08, 2008

Don't Forget!!!!... "Spring Ahead"

Well... as the snow CONTINUES to fall here... and has since YESTERDAY... just thought I would put out a "reminder" to everyone to "Spring Ahead"... Tonight we turn the clocks AHEAD ONE HOUR... it's suppose to be done at like 2AM (or some insanely early hour) if you want to get really technical about it... but we just turn them ahead before we go to bed...

MAYBE... and it's a BIG MAYBE... by turning the clocks AHEAD tonight it will make the snow STOP quicker??? Hey... don't fault a girl for dreamin'!!!

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

I am still recovering from the lost hour of sleep! lol

~Thanks for visiting my blog~
It's getting crazy in the Big Bro house right now. We have been watching the live feeds and WOW! I can not wait until Wed. LOL!!